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There are many grounds why you may want to make a few quick bucks on the side. Also, there are even more ways to go about doing so. You may be looking for a gig or want to start your own side hustle outside your full-time job. In this guide, we share 9 super easy ways to make extra money while at work.

So, you decided to make extra money while at work? You can try many different methods to get a few extra bucks on the side. Is it maybe building an online shop as well as a blog? If not, you can always make passive income investing in stocks or crypto.

What really is a side job?

A side job is any kind of occupation or source of income that is complementing your full-time job. A side job is not generally identical to a part-time job. It often delivers much more freedom than a part-time position.

Occasionally directed to as a “side hustle,” it is an extra source of income that you fetch in during your spare time. It can help you save money, be free of debt and reach other economic goals. Mainly if your full-time job alone does not support those goals.

#1 Start a service business

Tackling a service business can succeed without a huge network, an online existence, or much else. The most manageable way to start is by suggesting to people in your current network what you’re presenting. Moreover, ask them to spread it around, by all means.


You can think of a business like feast catering, content writing, or digital marketing. Begin by preparing a great outreach email to get yourself up and running in only a couple of days.

#2 Invest in real estate

Becoming a landlord isn’t always useful for people who are hired full-time and yet strapped for cash. Still, you can look at purchasing a condo or little property in another country as a holiday getaway rather. The price tag is normally cheaper, even when you hire a local property managing group to handle renters while you’re away.

Saleable real estate can also be a lucrative method to invest and make passive income. Even without a big down payment, you can boost your income. Begin with a site like Realty Mogul, and invest in retail real estate for as low as $5,000. You’ll get vetted contracts and pass to high-end listings you wouldn’t otherwise locate.

#3 Found an online resource

Transfer your expertise to others by tackling an online ebook or course. Do that to help others while you make money online. You can even generate more revenue than your day job. Yes, it is a bunch of up-front work. Yet,  once it is fully ready to go, it takes little effort to sustain it and keep up with sales.

If writing ebooks isn’t your best bet, cast a video course or boot camp rather. Perhaps you won’t just stop at books. You may want to try content marketing too.


#4 Leverage the strength of Amazon

It’s an honorable goal to launch your own online shop and assemble a customer base. This is a fact! Yet, you’re also talking about wearing many additional caps.

You need to research various outcomes, uncover a factory and market your website. Lastly, figure out how to complete orders. Don’t forget about customer assistance and refund policy.

Rather, you could sell a creation and create a presence straight on Amazon. You can do it without the need to take on so many parts. Some vendors even have their creations shipped straight to Amazon’s fulfillment center and never feel the physical product itself. This goes without saying, by all means!

Survimo is a place where you can earn money on the go.

#5 Enter the sharing economy

It’s not difficult to nail down a couple hundred to thousands of bucks a month. It is possible by leveraging the sharing economy. Yet, it’s not just about renting out your extra bedroom or cellar on Airbnb.

Rent out your vehicle on Turo and bike to work or carpool rather. Also, you can rent out your camera gear lying around your home on Cameralends, your snowboard or bike on Spinlister, or your bark on Sailo.


Moreover, if you are going to rent on Airbnb, think about helping your revenue skyrocket by renting out your entire house instead, and using the chance to visit family or go on holiday.

#6 Do what you’re already doing

Take a checklist of what you’re doing in your spare time. Individuals who love skydiving for instance can get authorized to teach and do jumps on the weekend.

You get to do what you love while making extra money at the same time. Ask your regional bar if you can help operate its trivia night, or bartend a couple of nights a week while hanging out and getting to talk to interesting people. This is really beneficial, by all means.

Even if you’re not curious about doing much but unwinding and surfing online, you can earn cash by testing websites and registering your opinion with a site like UserTesting.

So, get out there now and explore, by all means. Don’t waste another moment of your time! Utilize your imagination to start a flow of additional income today.

#7 Make something and sell it

Innovative people experienced in making things can sell their creations online. No matter what those creations are. For instance, knitters can market their knitted stuff. Those who love creative design can sell digital products online or in-store. People who know baking or cake decorating can also sell those things, by all means.

Discuss your hobby with yourself and see if you can earn money from it. There are many websites that let you sell things online and make money with them. Etsy, Creative Market, and Redbubble are the most popular ones. Make sure that you find the platform that will suit your talents best! 

#8 Become a mystery shopper

Look for places that are hiring a mystery shopper and sign up for different shops nearby. You will need to shop and then respond to a survey about your experience, per se. Does this sound appealing to you?

This work is usually periodic but can supply extra pocket money that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Note that there are numerous scam sites out there. Knowing that, be sure to do due diligence and vet mystery shopping opportunities. Do them through online reviews and worker dialogue. This can be quite an interesting thing to do.

#9 Start a blog

Blogging is actually one of the best methods to make money on the internet. You may be asking yourself if it’s still possible for new bloggers to make money. Are competitors intimidating you? Stop agonizing about all these things! Regardless, you can build a thriving blog and make money by using the right approaches.


Blogging needs commitment and consistency. This is a truthful matter! Correspondingly, it will take some time for your blog to gain momentum before you see any earnings. Nonetheless, it is definitely possible.

First, pick the niche. Niche is your primary topic. In regards to this, you must be clear. There is a huge quantity of blogs on the net. Understanding that, try to deliver an individual stance. If you do that, your visitors are more likely to stick around.

You should select your domain next, by all means. Later on, think about the design, layout structure, responsiveness, and all of that. There is plenty of great help out there to assist you with this.

Ultimately, you will need to post every single day. This is the unwritten rule, per se! Try not to post less than two posts a week. Similarly, promote your blog posts as much as you can.

Bonus: Earn Extra Money Playing Online Games

Apart from all these effortless useful methods, there is one more. It is relatively easy to earn money online by playing games. For instance, a safe and reliable app like GAMEE lets you earn money with just a little effort. These are not some demanding games but ones that take little time.

Here, you can also gather free lottery tickets and weekly tickets. With these, you can participate in different contests and have a chance to win a certain weekly cash price. This lets you make extra money while at work with ease. To be able to earn money with this, a tablet or phone, and a PayPal account are all you need.

Final words

So, those were 9 super easy ways to make extra money while at work. We hope this article provided you with some useful information. As you could see, there are truly many ways to make extra money nowadays. This is especially true for online endeavors. Good luck in finding the right option for you!