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Believe it or not, we live in the best times in history. Why? Well, you can earn decent money from home. You can earn a living and even become rich by sitting at home! But if you just want to add something, you can also make money on the weekend. Bear in mind that this can be done from anywhere.

Yes, it is all possible. However, things aren’t always that simple. Just like with any other type of work, it takes time and dedication.

But don’t worry. If you’re looking for ways to make money on the weekend, you’re not alone. Plenty of people are doing it as you’re reading this. Then what are you waiting for?

Below, you can find some of the methods that can work for you. Of course, this depends on your skills and talents. But we’re sure that you’ll be able to find something.

Digital labor platforms, or “Crowdsourcing” platforms

Have you ever heard of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk? This is just one of the so-called “crowdsourcing” platforms on the internet. And since they’re the biggest ones, you can start with them.


But what is crowdsourcing? Essentially, you can do simple micro-tasks that computers can’t do at the given moment. Amazon Mechanical Turk works as an intermediary. They bring businesses (requesters) and workers together.

This is probably the easiest way to make money on the weekend. It requires no special skillsets. You just need to focus and do these tasks. These are also known as Human Intelligence Tasks, or HITs for short.

Doing freelance stuff on the side

Becoming a freelance online worker is one of the best ways to make a quick buck on the side. But if you still want to keep your day job and earn on the side, this is possible too. This is all thanks to numerous freelance platforms. We’re talking about stuff like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and others.

Now, to become a freelancer, you need to have a general direction. But don’t worry. There’s work for almost any field. You can find a lot of different stuff to do. It goes from simple data entry to elaborate business plans and projects.

You can use the knowledge and skills you got on your day job. Through a freelance platform, you’ll be able to find clients who’ll pay for your work. It’s as simple as that!


Teaching English or other languages online

In the past couple of decades, learning foreign languages has become increasingly popular. This is especially the case with the English language. And the East Asian market is pretty big. There’s work from anyone.

Thanks to the internet, you have teachers and students from all over the world. Sure, some of this stuff can be done through freelance platforms. But there are also plenty of work providers that act as larger schools. You can have a few students who you can teach during the weekends.

Writing reviews for various websites

Is there a field you’re particularly interested in? Would you like to make money with music? Cars? Tech? Well, you can write reviews of any kind! Plenty of websites out there are in dire need of content. And if you know stuff about certain types of products, you can always lend them your talents! At a price, of course.

The same thing goes for art, like films and music, not just products. Writing movie and album reviews are still pretty popular. This is a viable side-gig for anyone interested in specific fields.

Writing articles for various websites

With that said, writing for blogs and news websites is also a viable option. The experience you get in your main field can help you write articles. For instance, let’s say that you’re in the legal profession. There are plenty of websites and blogs that you can write for.


And as crazy as it sounds, there are articles about pretty much any topic. Any topic has its audience today. And the websites you write for can monetize that content one way or another.

Start your blog

But while we’re at it, you can also start your blog. Now, this may be a riskier endeavor. You need to buy a domain, pay for hosting, and set it all up. But it’s far from an impossible task to start earning from your website.

Starting a blog is the simplest way to go. You can always write about the stuff that you’re interested in. This can be review-oriented, news-oriented, or just a personal blog.

Once you get things going, you can monetize your content. This is usually done through Google’s AdSense service.

But there are other models as well. Affiliate marketing links are also useful. Amazon has a great program for this, but most online big retailers do it. Every purchase made through your website earns you a commission.

Of course, it takes time to build a following. And going your way takes time. But with enough patience, you can turn this into a weekend side-gig.

Start a dropshipping store

Dropshipping (or “drop shipping”) is a revolutionary money-making method. Sure, it sounds pretty simple. But that’s exactly what makes it so awesome. And, above all, it can be a great weekend side-gig.

Clock and coins

Essentially, you act as a retailer but don’t physically hold the goods. You can come up with a t-shirt design. Then you have it made by a separate entity. And when a customer orders this t-shirt, you order it, and it’s sent directly to the client.

In short, you’re a brand owner and an intermediary service. When the business develops, you just take orders. Manufacturing and shipping are done by other businesses, not you.

Of course, it takes some time to get things done. And you need to be careful about how you do it. But dropshipping is a legitimate method to earn money, even make a living.


Managing someone else’s social media profiles

Being a social media manager is legitimate work these days. Some people even do it as a full-time job.

But you can do it too if you need some money on the side. Smaller social media pages need managing too. If you gather enough of them, you can prepare posts during the weekends.

The only downside here is that you’ll need to post throughout the week. But if you already have the phone in your hands all the time, it’s not a big deal.

Become a social media influencer

Or, even better, you can be a social media influence. However, this isn’t as simple as one might think. You don’t just become an influencer. You need to be good at something specific, or just look a certain way.

Whatever may be the case, building your audience can eventually pay off. With enough following, you’ll be able to charge for promotions. Some people are even making a living this way. But you can still do it on the side during the weekends.

Do online coaching in your field of expertise

You have your 9-to-5 day job, right? You’re doing this every week. It’s something that you’re very good at. Well, why not share your knowledge with the rest of the world? At a certain price, that is.

Plenty of positions these days require additional coaching. That’s exactly where your experience, knowledge, and skills jump in. Offer this to pretty much anyone who needs it. This can be done through a YouTube channel, a Patreon profile, or anything else.

Online surveys and market research

If you want something simple, then do online surveys. Market research is of great importance to big businesses. And they’re ready to pay people to do surveys.

Now, these can either pay you in gift cards or via PayPal. You can also earn points and get bonuses and discounts. That counts as a weekend job as well, especially if you plan on buying something.

Just make sure to inform yourself about potential scams. There are a lot of “predator” websites that would eventually refuse to pay you.

Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the most attractive endeavors these days. Sure, it’s not as simple as it used to be. But you can still make it a weekend job if you have something to offer.

Monetizing your content on YouTube is pretty simple. And what’s awesome is that you can do any type of content. As long as you comply with YouTube’s policies, that is.

Of course, the competition is pretty rough here. A lot of people are trying to become content creators on YouTube. You’ll just need to find a way to be unique.

Do Twitch streaming to showcase your talents

Did you know that you can make money as a gamer as well? We’d like to mention Twitch streaming. What’s great about this platform is that you can get direct donations. This is extremely popular among gamers, for instance.

But it can be done for anything else. You can be a musician and play covers for tips. Of course, the possibilities are endless. And it’s up to you to find the best way that works in your favor.