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Many people wonder where to start when it comes to making money online with Google, or in general. Many tech bloggers have proven that it is possible to make an extra income. Some of them only work online.

There are many ways to make money by advertising. Speaking of Google, you can use it to make money with your website or a blog. Try using AdSense! Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Did you know that there are several ways to earn Google AdSense? Maybe there are opportunities to make money with Google that you have missed? To maximize your earnings through Google AdSense, explore ways to generate revenue.

Start making money online

For starters, join one of the PTC sites, it costs you nothing but your own time. PTC stands for Paid-To-Click and represents sites that pay you for every click on an ad. You can also take part in various promotions, fill out surveys, or the like. Such sites mediate between advertisers, site owners, and users, in this case, you.

Advertisers pay for traffic promoting their site or the service they provide. All this is done to achieve a better rating on search engines such as Google. Websites that provide these services pay their members, or you, if you choose, for each click on the ad. 


Useful tip: Be mindful that you know how to avoid distractions while working from home. To be productive, you need to organize your space!

Make money through online surveys

You can make looking at your computer screen all day enjoyable! Many websites let you make a quick buck on the side. It depends on you and your preferences. For instance, surveys are a simple and easy method of making money online that anyone can do.

Register on Survimo – it is fast and safe

Registering on a website like Survimo is simple and completely free.

During the registration process, expect some questions about your personal preferences. The other will be about monthly income or the average income of the entire household. Depending on the type of survey and product, the questions may seem too private. Also, many of them are sensitive information that can be abused.

You must check whether the website is certified and secure. Take your time, contact support, and research their presence online. Some platforms simply misuse personal information with other parties.


Be observant and pay attention. Also, if you are not ready to share such data, simply skip this option for any side jobs. People need to know that any type of research requires data. They are mutually dependant.

How to make money online with Google?

Would you like to be on the payroll of a big company like Google? This is possible without investing extra time and effort. Yet, it does have some pre-requirements.

Even though it may seem like science fiction it is possible. First off, you need to have a website that generates noticeable traffic. Blogs in this sense are the perfect platform for making money from Google.

The secret spice for this way of generating income is Google’s AdSense service. It allows you to place their ads, created by other users through AdWords on your site.

How to make money online with Google

How do you make money through Google AdSense?

The condition to make money is that you have your website or YouTube account. Users who have their website can install Google AdSense. The process is fairly simple:

  • Start by registering on the link
  • Report to their website
  • Wait for Google to analyze it and approve it (about 48hrs after applying)

After that, they will send a letter with a code to your address. Remember to put a valid and updated address. It needs to be visible on your account.

Once the code arrives, enter it and verify your account. Google will later send a Google AdSense to check with your earnings, which I will charge at any bank in our city.

When you register, you need to copy a certain code from the Google AdSense site to the desired space. There is a module/widget on your page. After that, Google ads will start rotating depending on the content on that page.

There are several types of customized windows for ads. Each is different in dimensions, so it is easy to select one.

What is Google AdSense and how does it work?

If you visit websites daily you have certainly had the opportunity to see ads. They are often from larger companies that stand on those sites. These site owners became Google partners. They provided space on their Google site to display their ads. The Google Adsense service itself has been around for a very long time. Their ads are displayed on all devices, both computers and tablets, and phones.

By registering for a Google Adsense account, you become their partner. You will get money from displaying their ads on your site. But, to monetize this, visitors to your site will need to click on an ad that Google displays on your site.

Create the right type of site for Google AdSense

Some websites are more successful at generating Google AdSense revenue than others. that can help you make money online with Google. The two most important factors for making money through AdSense are:

  1. great content
  2. high traffic.

There are two types of content. There is content that attracts new visitors to the site each day. Other content encourages older visitors to return. It would be ideal to find a good balance of the listed contents. In this way, you would always generate new traffic. Moreover, make sure that a high rate of that new traffic is converted into regular visitors.

Sites that are perfect for content that attracts new and old visitors include:

  • blog sites
  • news sites
  • forums and discussion spaces
  • specialized social networks
  • free online tools

While these aren’t the only types of sites you can create, they’re easiest to optimize. Great content promotes through a layout that allows you to display advertisements. It should enable users to click on Google AdSense ads at the same time.


Use different types of ad units

Different companies will use different types of ad styles when creating ads. They use the most important advertiser tool – Google AdWords. They will be able to create simple text ads, image ads, and video ads.

Advertisers will be able to create ads in a variety of formats, allowing your audience to connect. Go with advertisers whose ads are most likely to click. You can do this by using different types of ad units on your site.

When deciding on the type of ads you will use and the position you will place them in, consider the user experience. There should always be more content than ads on the page. Use Google Analytics to test the number, position, and style of ads on your site. It will help you find out what works best for your site and visitors.

Can I make money with Google without AdSense?

Learning more about the AdSense strategy, users often wonder if there are ways to earn it. The simple answer is yes, there are always more ways to earn money online. People who have significant traffic on their Youtube channels can make money. This is possible even without AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most common and profitable ways to earn money from blogging. You heard it right! You can create income by monetizing your blog. Consider your niche and research what are the best revenue programs. Sign up for our products and collaborate with local and global brands. find ones that fit your content frame.

Sponsored posts

Affiliate marketing goes hand in hand with sponsored posts. Create a fraction of your content related to the product. Also, consider creating around the concept of your advertisement. Remember to make a price list with different options for companies. Remember that this will only be profitable if you have a significant audience. Learn about the target audience for the company you are working with.

Media.net is an AdSense alternative

This popular network allows you to display ads on your blog and earn commissions from it. Like AdSense but not as complex or hard to get verified.

Sell your own product/service

Having a visited platform should be put to good use. Sometimes channels can be a good base to show off your expertise. Offer services or sell products. Think outside the box and be the best advocate for your brand.

Offer consulting services

Successful bloggers have experience in a specific niche. Being an expert on any topic can turn into a profit.
Plan to write content and free tips for your niche. Learn how to properly promote.

Try and find a local business that can benefit from your services. Offer a free consultation, record, and share your success story. Over time you will build a reputation. It all comes down to how you present yourself to the audience. That is the most significant point!

There are many different ways you can make money online with Google. Even a simple website can make an income. Learn about your competition and monitor their activities as well. Stepping outside of the usual approach you might even think of something new. Get creative and keep on learning!