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Graphic design is an in-demand job today, and it pays well. Do you want to make a quick buck on the side but you don’t know how? Why not try to make money from drawing? For this article, we decided to show you 6 ways to make money from drawing. Finally, your fancy art and doodles can have meaning, and deepen your pocket.

Now is a perfect time for you to step up and learn about other ways to earn quick money.

The art and craft of drawing provide young people with many possibilities. Creating unique designs can bring income. Even, touching up something that is already done.  Depending on the quality of your work your rate can be higher or lower. The best thing is that, even as a rookie, you can develop your skills. In time you will perfect them, and be able to increase the prices.

As a graphic designer, you can make money online through:

  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Sales of their designs (images, fonts, templates, t-shirt designs)
  • YouTube

These are the four best ways for me to make money online as a graphic designer. The big plus is that you can take advantage of all these 4 ways of earning at the same time. This will increase your chances of profit. It will also ensure success in the world of online earnings.


Of course, within graphic design, there are a lot of subgroups that you can specialize in. So try to match these 4 ways of earning with your knowledge and skills.

Start a graphic design blog

Do you want to make money from drawing? You can start a blog about anything, including graphic design. The great advantage of starting a blog is that you will have your property on the Internet. On the website, you will be able to promote yourself further. Your earnings and learning opportunities are endless. Also, you can make passive income through the blog.

What to write about on a blog?

Given that you are a graphic designer, you need to consider which field you specialize in best. This can be knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and other programs.

Also, you can again branch out your knowledge and skills into:

  • making fonts
  • making logos
  • business card and clothing design
  • making various templates
  • designing website layouts
  • host of various other jobs.

It’s up to you what to write about. Graphic design is so branched that there is always a topic to write about and with which you can make nice money. Try to share graphic design tips on your blog. Share tips with beginners, and help them perfect a certain area of ​​graphic design.


It is important to choose a topic, i.e. a niche of the blog that is not too wide. Interest in the topic is also very important. The point of any blog is to help people solve their “problems.” Below we will talk about ways to make money.

How to make money from drawing as a graphic designer?

You’re wondering how you can make money on your graphic design blog. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. We have compiled a few strategies.

On your blog, you can make money in the following ways:

Affiliate marketing

This will allow you to make big money. You can promote various products or equipment needed for graphic design. Through them, you can earn extra commission.

Sell ​​your course or PDF book

You can create a course on a field in graphic design and then sell it to your blog visitors.



You know that graphic design programs and equipment are often expensive. This means that your audience is likely to be interested in buying such products.

You can join Google AdSense or other advertising networks and make money running. Earnings from running will be high. This is because visitors are the target audience for a lot of products.

Become a freelancer

Freelancing is the most common method of earning graphic designers. There are many different sites where you can make money. Some of them are Fiverr and Upwork. 

Many graphic designers make a living from freelancing. Once you venture into the world of freelancing, build a good portfolio. Then, your earnings will only increase (of course if you work).

As a Freelancer, you can sell any graphic design service. The demand is great because the whole world is in the palm of your hand.

The biggest advantage of this way of earning money is that you are not tied to your city or country. Your market is the whole world, and your earnings will depend on you and the quality of your work.

The disadvantage of this way of earning is the competition. There are many graphic designers from countries who will work for little money. Yet, these graphic designers are usually not so professional. People would rather pay a little more and get a quality design.

Sell ​​your designs

Selling your designs is one great method of passive earnings. Especially for graphic designers.

You can sell various types of designs such as:

  • Designs for t-shirts, stickers, glasses, and other items
  • Custom fonts, stickers, icons, etc.
  • Templates for e-books, business cards, brochures, etc.

Create lots of works

The golden ratio of the industry is more design- higher income.


Sometimes it is very difficult to sell a design, even if it is the best. So you need to base yourself on putting up a lot of designs, one of them is sure to become popular and will sell like crazy.

Let’s face it, when I say more designs, I don’t mean more bad designs. I mean, set yourself up and do as many high-quality designs as possible. This will then have good earning potential.

There are sites where designers can present their work and then sell it to those who are interested in it. The following is an overview of the 6 most popular.

Creative market

Both for noobs and pros. Here you can create a completely independent store. On it, you can sell your graphics, 3D models, or anything you do with your design skills.

The site currently has almost five million members. Creating the store is simple. On the upside, you keep your independence and set the prices you want.


If you are focused on 3D modeling, on this site you will find a wide and open space to monetize your work. TurboSquid has been selling 3D animated content for 20 years. It can be used in movies, games, or architecture.

The market is dominated by generic content that brands buy and use over and over again. Offer something new and earn thanks to your knowledge and skills and you will not go unnoticed.

Design cuts

Creative design

From designer to designer – that’s how this site could be described. Design Cuts has been collaborating for years with some of the best designers on the market.

Design parts are made exclusive. After that, the company resells them to other professionals in the field. Fonts, brushes, shapes, or any graphic elements that professionals need for work.


This is a classic online art store that sells design works to customers around the world. On ArtWeb you can get a gallery for 15 of your visuals, which you can resell without commission. Also, if you pay a subscription, you get far more space and a professional site that will be in line with your work.

If you think your work has artistic potential, start selling today. You will surely make money from drawing!

Big Cartel

Unlike other stores that have different policies, on this site, there is more wiggle room. It will be in line with your brand and may look like an extension of your site.

You have complete freedom to create your sales and promotion strategy. You also have access to market research tools.


Imagine one big, global handicraft fair. Etsy is just that. Unlike other sites that insist on digital works. Etsy is more suitable for all those who create a design with their own hands that they want to sell.

Start your store and advertise all the products you have “in stock”, and you made them for your soul.

This is a mere fraction of the virtual spaces available to offer your drawing craft. Get creative and think outside the box. Who knows what you can come up with.

What qualities must a successful graphic designer have?

Patience and a high threshold of tolerance are necessary for this business. If clients ask you to change the shade for the 10th time, this feature will be crucial. Graphic design professionals are creative, full of research spirit, and self-disciplined. They improve every day and follow new trends.

One thing is for sure, to become a successful and quality graphic designer, you have to learn the basics. Once you decide to pursue this profession, you never stop learning. Beginners have it hard. Are you waiting to land that perfect gig that will boost your portfolio? Think of other ways to get some extra cash from your home.

Getting paid to type online is a great way to get an extra commission. You can save some money on a new drawing tablet and other top-notch programs.