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The online world is really a place of diverse possibilities when it comes to earning money. The chance to make money on the internet from the comfort of your home sounds appealing for sure. But, how to be sure if you avoided online money-making scams?

Well, that’s why you need to know the differences between legit and scammy sites. So, today we are going to give you examples of some potential “red flag” websites you should be aware of.

What are online money-making scams?

Scam definition is not quite precise, since there are various types of scams. That’s a fact! You may get scammed when buying a quality watch on the web. Or you may get scammed when trying to earn a few dollars on the side. Some of them are flat-out ones that take your money and vanish. There are also malicious software scams. And then some sites are semi-scammy. They give some value but don’t keep their promise as they first said.

So, to learn what sites you should avoid, check out 6 online money-making scams.

Popular 6 online money making scams to avoid

#1 Trial Programs

This is not a straight scam indicator, but it is for sure a way to get details of your credit card. Some companies and sites ask for that kind of verification so they can label you as a “buyer with intent”.


This doesn’t have to mean they are a scam. But, you should be aware of this kind of request as some sites may use it to rip you off. So, when bumping into a 1$ trial, be careful.

#2 The “secret” revealed after payment

You should never give your credit card details if you don’t know what exactly you are paying for. Some scams will show you their sales page but will claim to give you more info after you pay for it. The sad truth is there is no “secret” behind it.

Like in everything else in life, online money-making requires some skills and time. No one can sell you a “secret” for some knowledge, you will need to practice. Legit sites will explain to you what they offer, at least briefly. That way you will know what steps to expect to make money.

So, be sure not to give your credit card details to any site out there, and double-check their intent.

#3 Automatic renewal scams

Are you surfing the internet a lot? Then, you’ve probably come across various subscription-based products. These kinds of sites often come with a discounted or free trial and have an automatic renewal policy.


For, example, Netflix gives a 30-day free trial period with automatic renewal. And that’s just fine.

But, unfortunately, besides legit sites, there are always scam intruders. They may offer you to join their program with a 100% cancelation guarantee and still rip you off.

Carefully research every site that offers you to make money by paying money. Even a “money-back” guarantee doesn’t have to mean anything. If you’re dealing with a flat-out scam, you would hardly succeed in returning your money.

Note: Watch out for scams when you’re buying a product. You may think it’s a one-time payment. Yet, scammers may continue to take money from your account every month. Of course, they won’t always tell you that during the sign-up process.  

#4 Get rich within minutes

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get rich in a few minutes? To cut the chase, there is no such thing as getting rich overnight. Even people who got rich really fast had to put some energy and time into their projects. So, if you see a “become a millionaire now” sign on a site, run!


These sites may offer you to do a quick sign-up process after which your life will be transformed. The only thing that will be transformed is your bank account…read-zero money. If making money would be that easy, there would be no poverty in the world. Just remember that.

#5 Luxurious lifestyle selling

It’s possible to make money online and live a luxurious life, but it’s hard. Like any other way of making money, the online way needs time, work, and a bit of luck. Of course, you could make a few bucks here and there. Yet, for larger amounts of money, you will need dedication and time. Many people who earn money online live normal, non-luxury lifestyles.

But, what about those who claim they gained a fortune over the internet in a short time? Well, they’re probably scammers. The get-rich-quick scam might be the easiest to spot on. You will often see a person who tells their rags-to-riches life story. How they overcame poverty quickly, and now live a life full of fancy cars, mansions, and yachts. All-in-all it will be a pure boasting presentation without any actual training in it.

A sales presentation, free membership, or webinar, where they talk only about themselves? It’s probably a scam.

#6 Geo-targeted scam ads

You’re scrolling up and down when suddenly you spot a heartwarming headline. It is about a person who lives in the same place as you that became a millionaire in 30 days. This is also known as geo-targeting.

Of course, it’s a pure story, this person doesn’t exist, and nothing ever happened. This is just a way scams work. Be careful with geo-targeted ads. Unless you hear a legitimate story in local news, with a bunch of evidence.

You can avoid online money making scams by doing legit surveys

How to avoid online money making scams

So, you want to make a quick buck on the side, yet you are afraid of fraudulent sites? Reflect on a few things in order to stay safe online. Despite the scam site’s existence, there are ways to check if the site is legit. Take a look at some indicators that can mean you’ve come across a non-scammy site.

Legit contact Info

Websites that don’t have anything to hide have loud and clear contact us or about us info. There you can find more about who owns a company and how they work.

You should have an easy way when it comes to communication. Be free to send them a message any time and ask everything regarding their business.

A real free membership

Coming across a program with free membership can be a good sign. That could mean a site has confidence in what they’re offering. Yet, they want to show it to you before you decide to pay them. 


A free and good value it’s not easy to find. So, make sure to check around within the community, see comments, and ask questions. Do this before you decide to upgrade to a paid membership.

Described process before your credit card info

A legit site will never ask for your credit card info without telling you how you will earn money. It’s completely okay to expect information. Also, it’s okay that the other side won’t show you everything until you pay.  It’s not a secret to talk about the ways to earn money online. 

For example, there are legit sites for paid online surveys. They will tell you exactly what you’ll be doing to earn money, and how much money you will get for your tasks. Those are the places where you want to spend your time. So, skip all shady sites that lack basic info and just aim for your credit card details.

Lots of comments

Spotting a comment section on a website can be a good sign. But, bear in mind that many popular sites don’t have a comment option. This is because of the moderation time-consuming issues.

Yet, if you find a site with a lot of engagement and real comments, read them and even ask a few questions if you would like. Seeing a site owner encourage people to chat in comments is also a nice thing to see.

But, you should know there are scam sites that fake comments. You will usually see a comment that somewhat looks like the one from Facebook. It will look like real people are chatting. Also, giving positive feedback about the money-making opportunity.

But, when you click on some of the comments, nothing will happen or you’ll be sent to some other site. It appears the comments were just photoshopped images. So, this screams scam.

Product/offer has a long tradition

A good sign that you bumped into a legit site can be a long tradition. If it exists for several years under the same name, it might mean it’s trustworthy. Scams usually don’t last long, at least not under one name. 

People often catch on very fast and they are dealing with scams. So the scam owners re-package their scam under a new name. Of course, this doesn’t mean every new site is a scam. Many new sites offer online money-making and are high-quality. 

So, you need to be careful and double-check every new site, but if it meets security criteria, give it a chance.

Can you avoid online money-making scams?

Like with every other way to boost your income, online jobs and tasks carry some risk. Choose them carefully and check their background a bit. This way, you could avoid online money-making scams.

Remember to keep your credit card details a secret until you’re sure the site is legit.