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If you’re making money remotely while living with a pet – you know what it’s like! Even though it might sound like heaven, it’s actually the opposite. Okay, that might be too much of an assumption. It’s really not like working from home with pets is a living hell. However, one needs to be prepared for the everyday ordeal of working remotely with pets.

Where there are challenges, there are also certain benefits that you gain along the way. We’ll talk about both sides of the coin in today’s text. Therefore, we’ll consider the biggest challenges and benefits of working remotely with pets. Stay tuned for some valuable information!

So, are you ready to begin? Here are the biggest challenges and benefits of working from home with pets!

The biggest challenges of working from home with pets

We’ll begin by introducing you to the biggest challenges of the scenario in question. One thing before we start: don’t worry because all of the things are overcomeable. What a word, right? Anyway, let’s see what kind of things pet owners deal with!

Of course, it depends on what kind of pet we are talking about. For instance, it’s not like your pet turtle can disturb you in your home office. That being said, we’ll focus on the two main pet types: cats and dogs. So, what’s so troubling about these two categories of pets? Here are the main arguments:

  • Pets tend to be quite noisy sometimes. Clearly, we’re talking about doggies here since cats can’t bark, as far as we’re informed. So, yeah, imagine your dog barking while you’re in the middle of a meeting. Okay, cats can mess up too by jumping on your desk while you’re trying to maintain a professional image.
  • Once you’re preoccupied with work-related tasks, pets can get in trouble. Your pets might eat something that they’re not supposed to consume. You might be too occupied with work. Needless to say, it’s not pleasant to combine the two sentences.
  • They also have needs of their own (especially dogs). Dogs love being outside. Also, dogs have to leave home in order to do their business. You can’t just say: wait a couple of minutes until I’m finished with this email. Just like cats can’t bark, dogs won’t understand “you’re in the middle of something”.
  • Lastly, they might mess up your workstation/home office/whatever you want to call it. Imagine one morning you enter your home office only to find a dead mouse in the middle of it. Also, what about cords that are just perfect for dogs & cats who like to chew on things?

A black and white photo of a person working from home with their pet.

How to overcome the challenges of working from home with pets?

Here we’ll show you how to overcome these challenges with some neat tricks.

#1 Designate a spot for your four-legged buddies

That’s right, you’ll need to enable your pets to enjoy some space of their own. Just like you, they like a place designated only for them. Our suggestion is that you find a relatively quiet space, without carpeting. Also, it should be away from foot traffic or direct sunlight. Lastly, try not to place the pet spot in an area that’s not climate-controlled.

It’s pretty simple to teach dogs to go to their spot and remain there. There are a bunch of positive reinforcements you can use in order to achieve that. What about the cats? Well, you’re just going to have to pray for the best.

#1.1 Place the spot outside of the petting distance

We’ll be quick here. If your designated pet space is within the petting distance from your table… Yeah, that might turn out to be quite a distraction. We all know how easy it is for cats and dogs to grab our attention. Especially when they’re eager to get it.

All in all: make sure the designated pet space is outside the petting distance. Also, while we’re talking about distractions, here’s how to avoid them.


#2 Toys to the rescue

Both cats and dogs love to play. There’s hardly anyone who’d try to disprove such a statement. Also, both pet types are able to play solely by themselves. Therefore, your presence isn’t required. Anyway, we suggest you buy your pet(s) some nice toys.

Now, of course, cats aren’t so keen on playing by themselves. However, they’re not so irritating in trying to catch your attention when they’re bored. Still, there are many toys even cats like to play with. Buy a couple of them to see what works best. Puzzle toys and scratching posts are well-known to occupy their attention.

#3 Establishing a routine might help

Forming an everyday routing might seem dull, but it actually works. Both you and your little buddy (or buddies) will benefit from a schedule.

As with everything else, you’re going to have an easier time dealing with dogs. It’s fairly simple to make your dog conform to your working schedule. For instance, you can just walk them during breaks. Divide the total time your dog needs to be outside into shorter sessions. That way, you’ll prevent your four-legged buddy from getting bored.

What about the little furry things known as cats? Instead of taking them out for a walk, you can schedule playtime during your breaks. Also, you’ll suddenly jump into the position of power. Your cat(s) will notice that you’re playing on your terms, not theirs. Not to mention that your mind will benefit from breaks spent in the presence of your cat(s).


Oh, and don’t forget to use this time to teach your cats some neat tricks. Okay, let’s be honest, you’ll try to teach your cat some basic commands. That’s it for the cat jokes.

#4 Keep your home office off-limits

You’ll need to find a way to teach your pets that your home office is off-limits to them. Just be consistent. Never let your furry friends inside, even when you’re in a good mood, saying goodbye to rules. There’s a pretty good chance your pets will get the idea. Keep in mind that your patience and consistency are keys to success here.

#5 Seek help from a professional

If nothing works out, you can always seek help from a professional pet trainer. Now, it might seem like a waste of money, but it’s quite the opposite. You’ll save yourself some good old nerves. Also, there are ways you can fund this endeavor without much hassle, financially wise. For instance, you can sign-up for online paid surveys and earn some extra cash.

#6 Cat-friendly notification sounds, anyone?

There’s something we’ve left for the end. It’s a bit weird, so please don’t mind. Here’s the thing:

  • certain cat owners report that some of their notifications drive their pets crazy. 

Let’s say that your remote-work position involves a lot of phone calls and so on. If that’s so, you want to make sure that none of your ringtones drive your cat crazy. Instead, you should opt for sounds that your cat’s pretty indifferent to.

What are the biggest benefits of working from home with pets?

Okay, so let’s focus now on the bright side of working from home with pets. There’s no need to underline that pets are something most folks can’t live without. And there’s a good set of reasons why that’s so. Here are some of them that might make your work more tolerable and easy-to-endure:

  • Working from home with pets boosts your mental health. There’s no denying that pets greatly reduce the stress of everyday life. This thought is the most natural thing that comes to mind when folks think of spending time with pets.
  • It’s physical exercise too. If you’re a dog owner, there’s always something to get you out of the house. Even if you’re the laziest person ever, you’ll have to walk your dog.
  • You’ll form a stronger bond with your four-legged, furry buddies. The more time you spend with them, the stronger the bond. No longer will your buddies think you’ve left them for good when going to work.
  • Your pet(s) remind you that it’s time to take a break every now and then. Once you’re so invested in work that the thought of a break doesn’t cross your mind, your pets are there for you. Their presence will remind you to take things slow (if possible).
  • Their presence motivates you and increases productivity. There were some studies that have shown the presence of pets boosts motivation. Therefore, it boosts your productivity too. Speaking of which, here’s an article you’ll want to read.
  • They make work more fun. It’s like having some goofy co-workers in normal working conditions, right?

There you have it! We’ll guess that this is enough to convince even the most skeptical folks. All that’s left is to say goodbye! Check out our blog for more information.

Final words on the subject of working from home with pets

Alright, so that’s about all that we’ve prepared on the subject. Now you’re familiar with the challenges and profits of working from home with pets. Hopefully, you’ve had a fun read. Also, as always, we hope you’ve learned something you didn’t know before.