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Is it possible to make a quick buck on the side and have a good time? Today, in the age of the internet, of course, it is. There are proven ways to make money online from your home. It essentially comes down to your creativity and some knowledge.

If you have certain skills, you can, for example, record music videos and put them on youtube. Another option is to create smartphone apps, collect rare coins and sell them, and the like. We have prepared a few ideas with some basic instructions that will allow you a good start.

Some jobs require costly equipment, but we have ruled those out. For example, you can make money if you have a 3D printer, but it is too expensive for most. Small jobs that can start from the comfort of your home can turn into full-time careers over time. Meanwhile, working slowly and progressing can be a great way to make an extra income and save up some money.

Are you ready to embark on a new hobby that can bring you profit? Let’s start with the list.

1. Start making videos

All you need to do is have a fun and memorable movie, or video. It can go viral and you can become a Youtube sensation. You only need a camera and a good idea. To start properly, no props are required… try to have fun and experiment around.


Everything can pass, don’t limit yourself. Some videos show how cute and fun cats are. In one video, a guy dressed up as Batman performing classic fatherly duties. There are countless videos of fun hidden camera situations. In many videos, people tease others with water balloons. Any type of content only requires an audience, and there is a chance of making money.

There is no need to steal anyone’s ideas but do the research. Have a few brainstorming sessions and try. Take a concept, make a concise video and post it on YouTube. After a while, you will build a proper audience. Then you can start earning commissions through other channels connected to YouTube.

For those who like showing up on camera, this can become a full-time career over time. Learn how to start vlogging and make money doing just that.

2. Take photographs and sell them

Many people have a hobby of photographing nature, people, and things. People who already have a camera should start taking pictures immediately. It can turn into your next dream job.

Today, some sites buy photos. There are a huge number of photos for sale on iStockPhoto. Just put your photos on their page and they will do the rest. Your images may be sold and used in the media, and for that, you will get money as well.


Websites like Shutterstock, and BigstockPhoto, can also make commissions. They usually have arrangements with photographers to sell their works.

Do you like to enjoy an afternoon stroll with photographs? Pick a few of your top photos and sell them. This is a great way to turn fun into profit. Art and commissions are every photographer’s dreams come true. It may take some time, but with a good photo, your work can go a long way.

3. Start blogging and commission advertising

A person typing a blog to make money online

What is your passion? What do you like to do, what do you like to talk about? Take advantage of these things for a blog. Among the top and most common proven ways to make money online is blogging. Depending on the niche and some practice in writing, you can reshape your career.

It’s pretty easy to use platforms like Blogger, WordPress, or Squarespace. You just need to log in, choose a template, and start writing. Focus on two things in the article – to be informative and fun. Such articles are usually the most read, regardless of the topic.

How to make money monetizing your website or a blog? There are many ways. You can place ads on a page, for example, with the help of Adsense. If you have a lot of articles and topics, you can summarize them in an ebook. You can also promote your other activities on the blog, for example, any of the articles you are about to pursue.


4. Launch a podcast and enable ads

It is fairly simple to start podcasting. Record a video/audio in which you discuss something you are passionate about. Record a video, process it a bit, and put it on Youtube. Enable video ads. Over time, you will receive money with every video you post.

Just like with blogs, the point is to record as many videos as possible to make it easier for people to find you. Those who like what they see will subscribe to your channel and watch more of your footage.

If you are proficient in English, you can also do only audio recordings of speeches on a specific topic. The BuzzSprout platform is suitable for this.

With these tools, you will be able to turn your thoughts into extra income. It is a great fit for people who find it difficult to express themselves in writing. Videos are a whole other thing.

5. Crafters can sell their products online

If you like to create items using your fingers, you can also sell those items on Etsy. Opening an Etsy store is completely free. Simply register, upload, and post pictures of your products, then start selling. You have more payout options, but as usual, PayPal is the simplest and most efficient. Etsy helps you with sales, but also with tracking your inventory. However, for them to earn something, they take a small part of each sale, more precisely 3.5%, so keep that in mind.

6. Affiliate marketing

There are many affiliate networks used for promoting other people’s products. Placing a banner ad can generate income. It will happen every time a user clicks on the ad and goes to the website. Of course, the goal here is to choose products that concern your site. This is an effective way to earn money if you already have visitors who come to the site on their own.

7. Become a freelance writer

Freelance writing is one of the most popular ways to make easy and effective online money. Many successful freelancers can earn from a few cents to a whole dollar for one written word. Some earn even more!

Of course, don’t get carried away, no one starts like that. To begin with, you need to build the whole story behind you, a summary, and so on. If you are interested in freelance writing you are certainly familiar with this.

Freelance writing requires dedication and time. Yet, it can certainly be a profitable occupation if that’s what you love. It can be a profitable occupation if that’s what you love. Create a good portfolio and then apply for jobs.

Beginners can offer free services for publication on local websites or blogs. This is a good way to show off your skills to land your first gig. It is also good to consider platforms like Freelancer and Upwork for a start.

8. Start an extra job doing online surveys

By participating in online surveys you are helping big and small brands. This is a very important step before launching any new product. Besides, gaining insight beforehand is fun. You get to know updates even before they announce and get paid for it.

There are many benefits to doing online surveys:

  • One of the top proven ways to earn money online
  • Anyone can do it
  • You can work on several sites at a time
  • There are no specified working hours
  • It can be done from the comfort of your home

Survimo is one of the most secure platforms for online surveys. The payment process is simple and secure, which is why you need to head to our home page and register now.

9. Start an online shop

The simpler the better. Whether you are selling on a small site or building your online store, customers come first. You want to get as many positive comments as possible and make a good name for yourself. Answer questions daily and respond to complaints and grievances. If you are in a situation offer a guarantee on everything you offer.

Do these proven ways work?

Reading ads and blog posts on easy money are always true to some extent. No one who has managed to save up some money or start a business says it is easy.
People who work online still need to have a routine. Sitting on a couch and hoping to earn large commissions doing nothing will not happen. Any job with no investment implies that it will not meet any financial requirements. But you will always need to invest time and knowledge. There are also ways to earn money offline that can provoke your creativity! 
Remember that everything takes time. Once you start any type of job, over time you will gain experience. Becoming more efficient in any niche will open new opportunities and help you grow.