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Are you fed up with commuting to your office every day? Did you know that you can telecommute and earn money? When you telecommute you are able to work from home or any other location that you choose. Telecommuting enables you to work from home or travel the world.

Interested to find out more about telecommute jobs? We’ve prepared this guide on 11 ways to make money while you telecommute to help you along the way. Be sure to also check the advantages of working from home according to experts.

Does telecommute mean work from home?

People often associate telecommuting with working from home. When you telecommute you work outside of your employer’s office. This means you can work from home, a coffee shop, a co-working space, a library, etc.

To telecommute you should have a stable internet connection. This is important as you will be using email and different chat and video apps as your main tools. If you decide to set up a home office, check out our blog on how you should do it to increase your productivity.

Do telecommute jobs pay less?

Some telecommute jobs pay less, while some pay more. The pay largely depends on the industry and the job title. Your skills and experience also play a major role. A lot of people highly value the benefits that come with telecommute jobs.


They are even willing to accept a pay cut in return for some telecommuting perks. Employees particularly value the improved work-life balance that comes with telecommuting. People emphasize the absence of commuting as another huge advantage.

Ways to make money while you telecommute

Next, we will present you with 11 ways to make money while you telecommute. We’ll present you with both full-time positions as well as side gigs to make extra income on the side. The best thing is that you can do these jobs with little to no experience.

#1 Complete paid surveys

When you telecommute, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility. Why not make use of that flexibility even further and take part in surveys online? You can complete the surveys anywhere and anytime you want. It’s simple and you don’t need any prior experience to take part in surveys. You need to make a profile first by following these three simple steps:

  1. Register online and fill in your profile
  2. Wait to receive survey invitations and complete them
  3. Withdraw your money from PayPal

#2 Become a customer support representative

As a customer support rep, you will help customers resolve concerns or questions. The customers should leave the interaction feeling great about the company. You will find this job rewarding if you have a genuine desire to help people solve problems. In this job, you will also build and improve transferable skills.

Are you able to resolve conflicts? Do you have good language fluency and excellent people skills? Then, this is a great telecommute job for you. You will provide support and solutions to customers over:

  • Email
  • Instant messaging platforms
  • Phone
  • Social media
  • Community forums

#3 Work as a data entry clerk

Data entry telecommute jobs involve adding, verifying, and transferring electronic data. You can work for companies in a variety of industries, such as health care and transportation. As a data entry clerk, you may move information from one document format into another.

You also transfer product listings or compile data from many sources into one sheet. Attention to detail is a must-have qualification for this job. It’s also good to have a good typing speed.

#4 Work as a transcriptionist

Nowadays, most companies use software to transcribe audio information. Still, computer transcriptions are not perfect. Your job as a transcriber or a transcriptionist is to review auto-generated transcriptions. You should correct any grammar or punctuation mistakes.

Most jobs for transcriptionists involve reviewing medical or legal content. Less often they involve marketing and entertainment materials. This is a role where you are most likely to work on a per-project or contract basis. To work as s transcriptionist, you should have excellent writing and listening skills. The typing experience is also a big plus.

#5 Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant jobs can be quite engaging and can boost your network. A virtual assistant provides administrative support to different clients. The clients are usually business management professionals.


Are you organized, and self-motivated? Do you have a variety of administrative skills? A virtual assistant could be a great telecommute job for you. As a virtual assistant, you may have a range of responsibilities such as:

  • scheduling meetings
  • preparing reports
  • ordering supplies
  • email marketing
  • booking travels
  • generating sales lead
  • moderating data entry
  • proofreading
  • coordinating social media posts

#6 Work as a graphic designer

Various employers need graphics for both print and digital materials. Printed materials can include booklets, cards, and magazines. Graphic designers also often create billboards. Digital projects may include logo design, video graphics, and illustrations.

A lot of graphic designers work on a contract or per-project basis. You need to be creative and engage with the clients to understand their design needs. The portfolio of your work is going to be your biggest advocate. That is how possible employers will best see your skills and visualize your talents.

A man telecommuting.

#7 Teach English as a second language

As an ESL teacher, you will have online conversations with students. You should build students’ familiarity with speaking and understanding English. A lot of online companies want people with great English skills. The goal is to help students practice and learn basic phrases.

Many online students are international. This means that you need to teach at times that accommodate the students’ time zone. If you need more tips on how to make money while teaching online, be sure to check out our blog.

#8 Become a social media manager

A social media manager runs social media platforms for a client. They maintain their client’s social media presence. Clients can range from small brands to influencers. As a social media manager, you must consider both strategy and execution. You make a decision about which social media channels to focus on.

You also need to know what the best times to post are. Even more so, you need to know how to engage with your audience. All the content that you create and share needs to drive business. The competition is fierce in the field of social media management. To stand out from the rest, make sure you have a strong online presence and take courses to improve your skills.

#9 Work as a copywriter

As a copywriter, your job is to write various pieces of content. The aim of your content is to promote brand awareness, sales, or positive user experience. You should have impeccable English and persuasive communication skills. Your job entails content research, client analysis, and competition analysis. Copywriters often work on blog articles, marketing emails, ads, or even web pages.

To become a copywriter, you’ll need to have a portfolio. Copywriting involves not only writing but also researching and strategizing. You need to be able to framework ideas and communicate effectively. As s a copywriter, you should have the ability to hook, engage and compel your audience with your copy. Check out these 8 cool ideas on how to make money as an online writer.

#10 Become an accountant

Accountants review and prepare financial records for individuals or for businesses. A lot of accountants telecommute in both entry-level and senior positions. This is a job that has high stability and great potential for growth. This job is great for people with strong analytical thinking and mathematical skills.


To land this job you should have a Bachelor’s degree. Preferably that degree should be in accounting, finance, or economics. You should also be familiar with business law and accounting principles. There are also many accounting certificates and designations. Make sure you do your research so that you know what accounting certificate is best for you.

#11 Become a blogger

Do you have a knack for writing? Are you keen on writing about a particular topic? Blogging could be your perfect side gig. When you become good at it and draw enough audience it can become a full-time job.

Blogging is just a type of job that you can do while you telecommute. Next are the steps that you should follow to become a successful blogger.

  • Choose a niche – check our expert’s advice on how to choose a blogging niche in 2023.
  • Choose a name – make sure it’s original and that it refers to the content your readers can expect to read.
  • Pick a hosting and domain – you can use a free blogging platform or buy a domain name and self-host.
  • Customize your blog – after you’ve chosen a blog template, you are ready to start publishing.

To sum up

In this article, we’ve presented you with 11 ways you can make money while you telecommute. Telecommuting offers you a chance to become a digital nomad and travel and work at the same time. Check out available telecommute jobs on platforms such as Indeed.com. Thanks to telecommuting, your office will be wherever you open your laptop.