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Paid Surveys – Get Up To $3.5 For Each Answer


  • Easy payment with one click via PayPal, or gift cards.
  • See all earnings in your Survimo dashboard. 
  • It’s fun, easy and everyone can take part.
  • Your answers will help make products and services better. 100% anonymous.

How Survimo Paid Surveys Works

Sign up for Survimo

Most people complete the registration process for Survimo in less than 30 seconds. We will not ask for any personal data except your best email address.

Get Direct Invitations

Survimo will invite you to take part in surveys via email. Our advanced systems will handpick the surveys that you are most likely to be able to qualify for.

Answer Surveys

When you answer the survey you are always informed about the length and reward of the survey. Always give an honest answer. We will deposit your money into your Survimo account.

Get Paid

After a couple of completed surveys, you will reach the threshold for payment. Get paid via PayPal or via gift cards. You can also donate to a worthy cause if you wish.

What Is Survimo Paid Surveys?

Survimo Paid Surveys is a part of the global market research exchange Opinodo. Since 2014 we have been conducting millions of completed surveys. The answers have helped make countless products and services better. You as a user and a consumer have the knowledge. So, you should get paid for your participation. This is not only for you to make money but also as a clear testament to the fact that your answers are being used.

What kind of surveys can you expect?

You will get surveys about shopping habits, political opinions, and much more.

How are the surveys used?

Surveys are key in making business decisions in most companies. They are also used to create a deep awareness of a company’s product or services. Surveys are often featured in news articles.

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