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One of the most common questions is how to make money? That extra income will push you to a higher financial level and allow for some things that are not as easily available. There are many tricks to earn money online, and some of them are really not as complicated, and they won’t take up as much of your time.

Many people have a 9-5 job and after that, they no longer have the energy to do anything else. Parents especially as they are expected to be engaged around the child, dinner, and the like. By the end of the day, filled with small frustrations, people are not able to take a shower before bed.

Every plan needs your time and energy, and if you want to make more money be prepared to sacrifice your sleep time (at least at the beginning). On the other hand, you don’t have to do anything extra. But then don’t even expect anything extra.

How to make some couch money?

People who have obligations may think that freelancers or people who work from home have it easy. But that couch money is not a simple click and earn system. Also, you really can’t make an income from the comfort of a couch. It is the place where you are sure to quit- it enables the lazy mode in our brain. A mind wired to relax cannot focus and provide the required service.

Many articles are written on the topic of how to make money online. However, some of that information is outdated and has only been copied from one source to another. Times and trends change, and it is important to stay up to date on all fronts.


Success doesn’t happen overnight

Making a large amount of money overnight is not realistic. Some things will take time, somewhere up from 6 months to a year. It takes time to position yourself as an expert in any field. Some online jobs will produce a low income. However, if you do a few of those jobs combined, you may be able to make a decent monthly salary.

You will often need to work more in the beginning. That is why it is imperative that you do something you are genuinely interested in. While earning a smaller amount of money, you will be learning and gaining professional experience. This will help you to stay motivated. There are some tricks to earn money faster than usual, but it takes experience for you to learn how things happen on the market.

Working as a social media manager

This position has become more or less mystified over time. Yes, there are people who only get paid to run social media network campaigns. But because of the rise of small, medium, and large businesses the competition is dense.

Being a community manager often implies social media platforms and Facebook/Google ads management.

A community manager is in charge of strategies that will bring brand awareness as well as the scope of the target audience.
Depending on the needs of your brand or company, hiring a person that will focus only on social media can help you relieve some of the stress from promoting to someone else.


There is no formal education for this type of position. There are many online workshops from people who are already experienced in this field.

How to start?

  1. One of the most common practices is to find a small business that will get your services pro bono. In addition to gaining experience, you will have a reference and the first segment for your portfolio.
  2. It is also extremely important to be active in the community of CMs. Share your content and engage with other people’s posts. It is important to be noticed and to appreciate others as well.
  3. Polish your skills and try to learn some basic Photoshop, Excel, Powerpoint, and MS Office. It is mandatory that you know how to find information fast. Improve your research skills, and maybe even find some courses that will help you perfect them.

Become a blogger

The internet has given a chance to anyone to become a writer. Writers, journalists, poets, and all other non-writing careers have the opportunity to create content they have some expertise in. People who started their blogs over a decade ago have sold their websites to larger corporations. Others managed to attract their target audience or kept them from making a passive income from advertisements set on their websites.

There are many ways and strategies you can start, develop and earn money from having a blog. Also, combine it with other types of media so your content can get an even bigger audience. You might want to write a blog where you can review makeup. Try combining that knowledge with videos on makeup tutorials, it is one of the tricks to earn money and do what you love. Push your content through all types of social media platforms, think strategies, and develop several ways of generating income within one niche.

Become a social media influencer

YouTube used to be the go-to platform for people who wanted to earn money online from vlogging. In recent times, with the format and algorithms on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok becoming more video-oriented, there has been a shift in platforms.

People who want to become influencers attempt to expand their presence on all social media platforms. It is easier to focus on preparing the content for one platform. However, there are strategies to repurpose the videos you already have on other platforms.


Earning money through these platforms is mostly achieved through advertisements. Focus on sponsors who will pay to get exposure to your audience.

Tricks to earn money through a website

According to experts you need to write over 1000 shorter articles in order to rank high on Google explorer. This will automatically give you a bigger reach and larger audience.

The more traffic your website generates, there is potential for a larger amount of money you can make. Companies are interested in working for websites that already generate traffic.

Become a content creator for others

When it comes to content creation, many people consider that writing is the go-to format. But with the uprise of visual content, you need to brush up on your knowledge of social media. Creating ideas in written form is only the start of any social media marketing campaign.

Prepare to be more flexible when it comes to the format and purpose of the content you are paid to create. Don’t be shy and try to utilize as many skills as you have (but only if your client or boss is ready to recognize that effort).

Contact websites and offer free services, like writing a blog or two in your focus niche. This will create your rating, raise visibility, and potentially reel in new customers through their channels.

Publish a Kindle e-book

On Amazon, anyone can become a publisher and earn money. After Kindle gained popularity, as well as other e-book platforms, people who know how to write and distribute the content in their niche will make some extra cash. It is mandatory that the content is written in English, so people all over the world become potential audience/customers.

Be realistic and make the pricing affordable, and beneficial for you and the platform through which you are distributing the content. Work on your reviews and keep track of the success and reach of the book. After you wrote it, found an editor and designer to go live. After a month if you are not satisfied with the number of people who read it, consider changing the strategy for the promotion.

Sell your photographs and video content

People who love digital media formats can always make some extra money on the go. Many stock websites have open submissions for all types of visual content. You either get paid once or every time a person makes a purchase of your visual or design.

Depending on the topic the competition can be high. Photographers can play it safe and try doing the research before submitting photos. Always consider planning content creation ahead. A series of photographs with a clean background can easily be used and adjusted. This is a little tip to keep in mind when planning your next photo shoot.


Home-made goods and second-hand content

Creative people will always find a way to make that second income. Shoppers always have some extra stuff lying around. If you are one of those people consider making a big cleaning and separating things that you haven’t used or don’t like anymore. Instead of making a yard sale you can go online and try to earn even more money.

Supporting the local community has always been noticed and appreciated on all social media platforms. Use this appeal to your advantage. Maybe even contact some local influencers, offer them a free service or product for a mention in their next story, image description, etc.

Online seminars

Either apply on platforms, prepare course content or even consider hosting online events. Either way, you need to plan ahead, apply, or plan a promotional strategy. You can do this on platforms that specialize in this, or create your own virtual classroom on your website.

This will, however, require you to be more tech-savvy. Being familiar with basic technicalities is one of the tricks to earn money, and make a slight advantage for those who do not know how to build websites. On the other hand, there is always the option for you to pay someone for their time and knowledge to set it up (and preferably maintain it). Plan out the budget and incorporate the planned content, setup, and promotion. You will either have to invest time or money (probably both).

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Other tips & tricks to earn money

Write down all of your skills and as you change jobs add new ones you make during the process. Realizing that you are growing professionally will take time.

Be ready to make changes to your habits, savings, and knowledge in your life. With a mindset set out for success, there is a very good chance you will see the result of your effort sooner rather than later.