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Highlight on point, eyebrows on fleek? Good! If you’re familiar with these terms and often (always) obsess over them, chances are you are a makeup artist. But, did you know you can earn some nice royalties by doing online makeup tutorials? That’s right. 

You don’t have to run from place to place doing makeup on your clients. Instead, you can try making money from the comfort of your home too. Your legs and back will appreciate it. 

That’s why today we are giving you some useful tips on how to start with online makeup tutorials. 

What should you know before starting with online makeup tutorials?

This seems quite logical, but it’s worth mentioning. Before starting with your own makeup tutorials you need to be an expert. 

That means you: 

  • Have experience,
  • Have excellent knowledge of makeup techniques you’ll be teaching,
  • Know skin types and skincare techniques.

Being a makeup artist is not all about makeup techniques and brands. You need to understand the skin itself, how to prepare it for a makeup application. That way you will know which type of makeup look and brand will be most suitable for a certain skin type and face shape. 

So, before creating an online makeup tutorial, be sure to have enough knowledge. And never try to teach others until you’ve gained some credibility.

Have a strategy and content

Before starting with online tutorials, it would be good to have content and a strategy. That way you’ll know how to deliver useful info to your followers. 

Well-prepared content is 80% of the job for this type of job. The other 20% you’ll achieve through the right strategy. So, as a makeup artist, it would be nice to have platforms such as:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Blog

These are excellent ways to promote your content and spread knowledge. If you’re starting with any of the mentioned platforms, you should at least have a plan. Some done materials are a plus too.


You could also try to go with a flow, but that way you may not be prepared at a certain point. So, it’s always best to have some backup content to provide value. 

Open a YouTube channel 

Having a beauty/makeup YouTube channel can be really handy if you’re a makeup artist. This platform allows you to create makeup tutorials for free. Plus, you can gain subscribers who bring traffic to your channel. 

With a proper amount of traffic, you may start to earn money. So, take a look at more opportunities your makeup channel can bring you.

Sponsorship programs

Makeup vlogging is great. Besides obvious creative tasks, it offers you a chance to show various brands to people. Every makeup artist and lover often has a large collection of many beauty products.

Imagine a brand you already love and use would start paying you if you mention them in your makeup tutorial. Amazing, right? 


Well, that’s very possible, with influencer marketing platforms, such as FameBit. You can find various brands from the beauty industry that seek influencers. 

Send them proposals and tell them what you offer. Brands may ask for you to mention their certain product in your video or show the brand’s logo. 

Of course, this all should be as natural as possible. And you should never mention a brand that you don’t genuinely like. People love honesty, and they can see if a person is not honest during recommendations. 

Always tell your followers that you have sponsored content. But, don’t be pushy and take away the fun from your online makeup tutorials.

Ad revenue

One of the primary ways beauty vloggers earn money is through video monetizing. This will take some time until it becomes real money, but as your audience grows the revenue will grow too. 

Note: Be sure to check your estimated revenue reports. That way you can see which of your tutorials are gaining the most money from ads and make more on similar topics. Bear in mind that sometimes videos that bring the most revenue won’t be your most popular.


It’s not all about the money! You’d be surprised how many awesome gifts you may get from various brands. When your followers start to grow and your influence gets bigger, great things happen. Some brands might start sending you their product samples.

If you really like them, you can mention them in your tutorials, or even make a review. Have in mind that this is different from sponsored posts, as you won’t get any money for the mention. Yet, it’s a great way to save on beauty products and try out some new ones for free.

Note: Don’t keep all the gifts for yourself only. Try making a nice giveaway and share some with your followers. This is a great way to connect with people and advertise your channel or social media platform.

you can sell online makeup tutorials as courses

Sell online makeup tutorials 

Don’t find the idea of YouTube tutorials too appealing? Or you want to create another way of making money with online makeup tutorials? No problem! 


You can make an online makeup course and sell it. It’s good to know that you can make a course easily with WordPress. So, in the following text, check out some useful ways to sell your makeup knowledge online.

Pre-recorded course bundle

A good thing about pre-recorded online courses is that…well, they are pre-recorded. This means you can make a bunch of creative tutorials upfront and after you sell them, you’re done. 

Besides doing marketing and promotion, you can easily generate recurring revenue this way.

One-on-One online makeup tutorials

It’s good to know that modern technologies offer us a possibility to communicate live. So, do you prefer connecting with people in real-time? You could offer one-to-one makeup tutorials. That way you make sure your client gets an hour or more of your full attention.

Live group class

Would you like to share your makeup knowledge with a group of people in real-time? Then, group classes are your gem. You can organize them the same as one-to-one classes. 

But, the experience will include more chattering and discussion about everyone’s favorite topic-makeup. Plus, clients would get a chance to share experiences and tips.

Create a membership site

A membership site is a good option if you have a large number of videos, content, and digital goods. That way you could provide them to your followers regularly. Same as online courses, a membership program has its perks.

So, it’s a nice way to have some sort of recurring income. You’ll just need to give your members fresh content and take care of maintaining new ones.

Offer live consultations

If you love giving makeup lessons you could also sell paid consultations. This can be done via Zoom or similar platforms. So, live lessons are a great way to give your clients personalized makeup tutorials. Plus, they will have a chance to ask you some questions live.

Things that can promote online makeup tutorials

Two things that can really make a difference and help you promote your talent are blog and Instagram. By using these platforms you can increase your followers and revenue. So, check out some details about them.

Beauty blog

Becoming an affiliate is a great option to earn money through blogging. You could make and promote makeup tutorials and present them on your beauty blog too.

So, it’s good to increase your blog’s traffic. That way you’ll have a chance of earning more commissions as an affiliate. If you join an Amazon affiliate program you could earn money. 

Even if someone that comes from your blog buys anything else from their store, not just a beauty product. 

But, though these kinds of programs are mainly for bloggers, don’t fret. You can post an affiliate link in the YouTube description. That way your makeup tutorial can bring you revenue.

For best results, it might be great to have both of these platforms. That way you could send traffic from one to another. 

Instagram online makeup tutorials   

Do you like sharing your makeup knowledge through YouTube? If yes, then you’ll probably like it on Instagram too. It’s great that Instagram lets you make videos. That way you could make online makeup tutorials there. After that, revenue comes with sponsored posts.

You don’t need to have both YouTube and Instagram, but it’s great if you do. Same as with a blog, this way you could transfer traffic from one platform to another.

The Bottom Line

Making money by doing online makeup tutorials is not an easy task. There are some other quick ways to earn money. But, if you’re a creative and talented makeup artist, you shouldn’t let that slip away. 

Use your creativity to inspire others and teach them what you already know. Don’t forget to enrich your knowledge regularly. This will be necessary if you want to be a high-quality lesson provider. 

Take some courses or go to masterclasses, they are great ways to gain new experiences as a makeup artist. 

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing makeup lessons with mentioned platforms or with some others. 

Don’t forget to be honest when promoting a product. That way you ensure long partnerships with brands and loyal followers.