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About Survimo

Survimo is a free online platform that offers the most fun and interesting surveys to its users. With your valuable help, companies all over the world are improving their products, thus making life easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

You don’t need any skills or experience to be a part of this, we just want to hear your opinion. To get started, simply click below and create your account.

Our Main Goal: Building a World of Better Products

Survimo Team

First, we gained knowledge about market research. We realized that companies and organizations would pay to learn about your views. The next step was to create Survimo — a website that connects your opinion with those who value it.

Ordinary people should have a say in shaping the world around us. Not only that you get a reward, but sharing your thoughts also means that you can influence the market in a meaningful way. By being a part of public opinion, you are making the community a better place for all of us.

With such an important role, the least we can do is offer cash rewards to our users. To us, every opinion is crucial.

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