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Data entry is a great way to increase your income by working from home. This type of work does not require any special training or equipment. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

There is a variety of content and data you may be required to type. From data entry, and transcription to basic writing, there are many job options to get paid to type online. You need to love to sit in front of your computer or smartphone. Being good at fast and blind typing is a huge advantage.

Data entry

The job of entering data from home means that you get paid to type online. People who work in data entry, work from home, and fully manage their schedule. This means that there are no supervisors who will look over your shoulder to see how many hours a day you work. The only thing your employer knows about you is how many accurate data entries you have sent. Also deadlines- they are the most important. Also deadlines- they are the most important.

As a result, it is very popular to hire an operator to enter data and who will do it from home and be paid based on the work done. This means that the faster you finish the job, the more money you make. Being able to type quickly and accurately is the best way to increase your online earnings.

Typing correctly means that you are entering data correctly. This is crucial for business data entry. That matters especially if you are typing computer code or medical information. For individuals that are not great typists already, it is time to work on this very important skill. It can be responsible for providing you with a good and stable income.


Who needs such services?

Would you like to type for a living? If so, you should consider joining websites that have various online jobs to offer. Especially when it comes to data entry and working from home. This creates a unique working environment and a special type of service. Once you land your first gig- finish it on time.

Bear in mind some of these sites charge a small amount for their services. Others yet offer their services for free. Registering on these databases will increase your credibility as a data entry operator. This can result in higher earnings than usual. Also, you will find a job much faster. Success and career are guaranteed.

How can I get paid to type online?

Get paid to type online

Dozens of websites let you make a quick buck on the side. However, did you know how manageable it is to earn by typing? Earn money from the comfort of your home by typing online. This involves the most basic equipment most of us already have:

  • A computer keyboard
  • Good internet connection
  • Headphones (preferably)
  • Be prepared to do some additional research per assignment

Now the catch with typing is that you can type different content. You can start with simple data entry assignments. Be it filling in online surveys, transcribing content, or full-on writing. There are many jobs online. Yet for the most part, we prepared a selection of websites that offer proper assignments. Also, make sure to avoid any distractions when working remotely. Do this by setting up your personal working space.


People who start doing voice-to-text transcription get paid to type. There are many websites with similar requirements when it comes to technicalities.


1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

The company, also known as mTurk offers thousands of tasks. They are referred to as ‘human intelligence tasks’ or HITs. The pay per assignment is not high. However, not every assignment takes longer to complete. Over time it can add up to a significant amount.

M Turk is presented as a crowdsourcing marketplace. It makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their jobs. Their daily assignments are distributed to a virtual workforce.

You can request simple data validation, research, survey participation, content moderation, and more. Human-intelligence tasks are harnessed to streamline business processes, define data processes, and analyze. All this is to speed up machine learning development. Expansion of smart technologies requires more support in the amount of data checked.

MTurk is pre-required for other websites

MTurk is a leader in the industry. Thus, it should be your first step to starting your online search for ways to get paid by typing online. Many other websites have a rule that you already have a profile on MTurk, so go ahead and register.

2. Aberdeen

Aberdeen offers remote positions from time to time. They have a higher pay rate as the position itself is more demanding. You get paid to type subtitles for closed-caption TV and do it live. The average audio minute is paid $1.50. However, you need to have fast typing speed and good equipment. In the case of live TV broadcasts, the company may even ask you to have a spare computer and a landline. This can even be a requirement for you to start working.


3. Casting Words

Many platforms for transcribing accept mostly US and Canadian residents. With this platform, you only need to live in a country that allows PayPal payments with Casting Words. According to the FAQ page, the payment on this platform is over $1 per audio minute. All jobs involve you making money to type what you hear. Be prepared for a transcription test before getting started. To prepare, simply try to listen to a YouTube video where people talk. Try writing down everything you hear, and repeat the process several times.

4. GoTranscript

A company based in the UK, it offers transcription and translation jobs worldwide. On GoTranscript it is possible to register as a remote worker. The income may not be the greatest, but the company’s transparency is. From the start, you are told that you can get paid up to $0.60 per audio or video minute. Their average earnings amount up to $150, while top monthly workers go by $1.215.

5. Scribie

This website has been around for quite some time now since 2008 to be exact. They have an awesome bonus program. Transcribers can earn between $5 and $25 per audio hour. The bonus is $5 extra for every 3 hours of completed work.

Every audio piece is quite short. It will take approximately 10 minutes or less. The process consists of one-minute length audio sections. They are after reviewed as a whole for content and quality. A great feature of this website is that it provides free automated transcription. The job is more about correcting this transcript than doing everything from scratch.

Type handwritten documents

Most companies will pay to type what you hear. There are other opportunities where companies pay to type handwritten documents. This is not for everyone. Do you believe you can interpret different styles of handwriting? If so, this might be your next job.

6. Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services offers converting scanned documents into typed formats. From a glance at the website, it is not clear what the rates are.

Payments per unit. Also, keep in mind that the website requires a fee to stay in their database. This decision is designed to attract only people who are devoted to working for them. Ultimately think about whether or not this type of business has the means to pay off.

7. DionData Solutions

The company also provides compensation for typing text-based documents. DionData Solutions has over a decade of experience.  Their payment is per document, which means that the more you type the more you earn.

Get paid to type song lyrics

Music lovers will find this one amusing. Writing down lyrics allows you to enjoy some good jams. Also, it helps those who love to sing but misinterpret the text.

8. WeLocalize

A company that allows individuals to get paid to type online song lyrics. The rate is nice, it is $4 per song. For those with a good ear and fast typing skills, it can turn into a hefty hourly rate.


One catch is that the payment went through Hyper Wallet. It would be a good thing to check out can you retrieve the money from this online payment service. Those who can have fun and make a decent income from this side hustle.

Get paid to type captchas

Supporting automated sign-up software with ‘human intelligence tasks’ is simple. There is not much money with these jobs, but they are easy to do.

9. Kolotibablo

The rate for Kolotibablo is $1 for 1000 captcha images you type. But to start our, the earnings are a bit lower. Site rates are based on efficiency and accuracy. Over time your score will increase, as well as the rate.

Finally, how much will you get paid to type online?

Typing is an activity on a keyboard, and the income you create depends on the job you do. Also, when someone types faster they can cover more ground. For transcribing, people who get more audio minutes if they have more words per minute (WPM). People who do more complex tasks will be paid more.

The average standard goes from $0.40 to $1 per audio minute, and more for specific documents. A single unit (document) will take more time to do on average, so the compensation is similar. In conclusion, it is safe to say that this type of work gets better once you have more experience.

In the meantime, you can consider doing other online mini-jobs. For instance, completing surveys on Survimo. Here you can find an abundance of various surveys that pay you. Focus on learning all about job options and setting up a proper working environment. It is important to stay efficient and productive.