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How to become a vlogger? Get a camera and go get it. How to start a deposit and make money? The answer is a little harder.

You can roam YouTube, stare at your iPhone and start talking about your life, but that doesn’t secure views. To become a successful vlogger you need a little vision and a lot of hard work. That is the only way to be like the one who snatches brand approvals and advertising money.

Tireless nights spent editing to seek recommendations and tagged campaigns are hard. That makes vlogging a full-time job. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to start this way. Blogging can be a fun hobby that can take you to places you never imagined.

How Much Money Does a Successful Vlogger Make?

Creating fun videos for a living seems like a pretty good hobby, but do vloggers make money? If you play it right, the job can be very lucrative. Vloggers typically make money in several different ways:

  • Google AdSense (which has ads on your videos)
  • Patreon (an online content subscription service)
  • affiliate links
  • merchandise, and
  • brand campaigns.

Top YouTubers raise millions from these five different sources of revenue. It is a good thing to know more about ways to make money online. Best recurring revenue practices are a certain way to do so.


Find your niche

The most successful vloggers tend to have their own niche. Why? It helps later when looking for tagged influencer campaigns. A strong message and theme help attract dedicated followers. Find what it tells you.

Want to make beauty tutorials and try new makeup? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to simply record your daily life? Choose a niche or two and run with it.

What exactly is a Vlog?

A vlog is a means of communication with the target group – the audience by recording a video of the author. It’s actually a blog in video form only. The author captures himself as he addresses the audience on camera. The content is published on a social media platform that serves as a medium.

Vloggers have become popular with video social media platforms, such as YouTube. Video content creation goes through other channels as well (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. ). The author of the blog can be static and talk to the camera. He can also be recorded while performing a certain activity.

Vloggers around the world make reviews of some current political and cultural events. The content comes from their personal interest. The way it gets distributed is the key to success. Well-known vloggers are in current trends, fashion, going out. But you can find content about ordinary things like shopping descriptions, discounts, etc.


What do vloggers do?

Vloggers allow their followers to stay informed about topics that interest them. Not through a classic reading of written content, but through recorded video.
Video content is much more valuable for visitors. It engages more senses and leaves a stronger impression than written articles. Often it is more practical because of the visual segment. It allows viewers to see what is being described, what is the subject of the role, and how it is used.

Vloggers express their views and values ​​through vlogs. By doing so they animate their audience who agree with them and follow them.

How to become a vlogger?

To become a vlogger, think of a creative way to present yourself in public. Consider it a spin on public speech practices. Practice for a while to overcome the technicalities. Polish your image and facial expressions. Learn how to look straight into the camera when needed and build your confidence.

Then you need to choose a specific topic that occupies you or one that you want to deal with. These can be topics from everyday life or those that capture the public’s attention in any way. Always choose topics that are current. But count on each topic to come across its followers if they only hear about you.

Most often, a video blog – vlog is used as an upgrade to an existing blog. In that sense, the blogger already has his existing followers. Because of this he or she has a better chance of better placement of his content.


Hit that record button

Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to get a camera to shoot with. One option is to do this with pre-built cameras from your laptop or computer. Many vloggers would rather use their smartphone cameras. But for best quality and practice, we recommend having a camera that you can hold in front of you while filming.

Take a few test shots to see what it will look like. Then, check out some video processing software. It could be a classic movie maker that comes with Windows itself or some more advanced variant.

There are many tutorials online that help you learn about video editing software. With the help of such software, you will be able to highlight a title, logo, or even create an intro for each of your videos.

Once you’ve recorded and refined your video, it’s time to create your own YouTube channel. Through it, you will post all your videos to allow visitors to send and see all your videos in one place.

Then upload your video to your Youtube video channel. Invite the audience, or start online marketing to refer people to your Vlog.

It’s not bad to record a few videos in advance, and then publish them in some time frame. This will ensure that you always have regular posts on your account.

Communicate with your subscribers and collaborate

The most followed vloggers make their subscribers feel like they are part of a community. Think of it as building relationships, and not building subscribers. Of course, once you start having thousands of fans, you won’t be able to answer all their questions and comments. But you should definitely try to answer some while you can.

It is also a good idea to be active on your platforms. Comment on other roles and even consider collaborating with those who fit your niche. This is a mutually beneficial partnership that helps both sides reach new subscribers. If you continue to be active in your community the number of followers will go up.

Person making money out of vlogging

How to start a vlog and make money

Google AdSense is one way that vloggers can profit directly from their videos. In the past, creators got more than Google ads, but that still remains a significant part of the cake.

YouTubers receive between $ 1 and $ 5 for every thousand impressions on an ad played in a video. But YouTubers can place many ads in a single piece of content.


This means that a video with a million views and one ad can attract between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000. The service also has different levels with different benefits. You can earn more per view if you are one of the most popular creators of the service.

What you need to understand is that you won’t make money on YouTube overnight. You need to monetize your videos on the platform to get that sweet AdSense dough. Unfortunately, YouTube’s affiliate program has strict guidelines.

In the past, almost any author could place ads on their videos. Today, the channel needs 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views a year to be able to monetize. This means that your video uploads need to stay consistent. But you’ll end up being able to cross the threshold with hard work.

Patreon offers a steady income

If you’re wondering how to run a deposit and make money, YouTube is an unreliable revenue stream. Unlike the well-known video transfer service, Patreon can pay off right away. Declining AdSense revenue demonetized videos. This caused some of the platform’s biggest creators to quit.

Patreon allows authors to transform their fan base into true, paid subscribers. These subscribers are offered a variety of benefits for a monthly subscription. For example, a subscriber who spends $ 5 a month can get early access to videos that will later be posted to YouTube.

A Patreon that spends $ 100 a month can get exclusive merchandise, photos, blogs, and videos. You can set different levels based on how much you want to earn.

Try your hand at affiliate marketing

You may notice that vloggers usually offer discount codes for certain products. Affiliate marketing has been around since the ‘90s. But today it is much more trendy than trying to trick Google into listing a fake site filled with links.

The unmistakable profit-sharing model helps brands market their products without pre-investment. It also allows vloggers to help them spread the word to cash in on their money.

The way it works is that the brand will give you a specific discount code or link to the product. If one of your fans clicks on the link and buys the product or uses the code, you will receive a commission. Most associated products offer a commission of 5 to 20 percent.

In the meantime

Making video content is time-consuming. Until you build a solid audience base it may take some time. But while you wait, learn about other ways to fill in your budget. Paid surveys are a great way to create some additional income – Survimo is a great option to do so.