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How to earn money with no investment? The answer – change. It can help many people discover how to make money between jobs.

Paid-to-click (PTC) programs are low with income. There are other real ways of working online without financial investment. Still, you have to be aware that every business requires some type of devotion. For those jobs that require your time, the income starts coming in after a while. Also, there are a million scam pages online. It is important to stay aware and look for the tell-tell signs.

How to make money between jobs

Misfortunate events happen and people lose their jobs overnight. You might even consider quitting your current job. It can be stressful as sometimes we don’t always have a backup plan.

Doing things on a whim is possibly the worst possible strategy you can come up with. Planning to quit puts an additional strain on daily stress levels. Get a notebook and pen and start writing down ideas and plans. What are the things that bother you? What do you want to change? Note down your most basic living expenses and try to make money between jobs so you don’t go into debt.

Some people also like to make a dream board. Having your personal or business goals in front of your eyes can be a great motivation. It enhances productivity and the much-needed will to endure during hard times.


One of the largest platforms on which you can offer certain services, with a minimal price of $5. This is one of the best ways to make an income without investment. Many people work only on Fiverr and make a decent living.


You can increase your income with online gigs. Decide on the skill set or talent you excel at. Fiverr might just be the place for you. The registration process is simple:

  • Register
  • Make a Gig (service you are offering

Once a potential customer buys the favor, you get written instructions on the order. Providing a few different types of service, or making a few gigs can make an entire paycheck every month.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Offering online support to people as an assistant is high in demand. For this type of work, you need to be computer savvy. The most common requirements are to know Windows and Microsoft programs.

There are more small business owners that do everything themselves. Most of them require help and post job ads for virtual assistants. It is the virtual equivalent of a secretary. Entrepreneurs sometimes require part-time help. This is why this form of service offers comes in handy.

VAs will provide services of support for a reasonable price. Most common assignments include (but are not limited to):

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Responding to e-mails
  • Writing content
  • Data entry
  • Topic research

On average virtual assistants make from $2-$30 per hour. Take an average of $15 it can be a good transitioning gig. The benefits of this type of service do not (usually) require specific working hours. This is why such jobs are great for people stuck between jobs, stay-at-home moms, students, etc.

Article writing

If you have a knack for words, consider becoming a writer. You can make money by running a blog or a website. It is not as hard as it may sound. People are often intimidated by the abstract variety this vocation entails. Do you know how to do some basic research and write a well-structured essay? If so, this can turn into a full-time career.

Learn a little about SEO and start pitching to companies and on websites. The great thing about this type of work is that you can learn and professionally grow with every order you have. Start by offering content that is familiar to you. In the meantime, you can research topics and try to estimate what niches are lacking writers. Try out different fields you are comfortable learning about.

Bloggers and website owners are always looking for content writers. Unique, original, and engaging content is a must-have for every website.

There is no average price, as it depends on the country of residence, the scope of work, and the length of the article. Beginners can start posting on websites like Freelancer and Upwork. Over time, you can build a good client base and continue working with a select few people.



This term includes a broad scope of different services. More of a method rather than a specific type of job. It is a great form of doing online business for anyone who has a skill set. Being your boss you choose when to work, who to work with and how much you will earn. Fiverr and article writing can fall under this category as well.

However, specific platforms differ slightly from regular freelancers. Graphic designers and programmers have specialized websites, and find work easily. Many in-demand IT job profiles are on the rise. They have the best income and not as dense competition.

There are many other ways to do freelancing as well. It is a free form of business, as the name implies.

Most common freelance sites will offer your services to the world. Usually, the ones with the lowest rates will get the gig. This is why such platforms are awesome for beginners. But people who already have some experience will avoid them because they can charge more.

This option is great for unemployed people. Know how to make money between jobs and never worry about your basic existence. Once your professional life gets back on its feet, consider doing some part-time gigs.

Start a YouTube channel

Start a YouTube channel

As a visual platform, YouTube is considered among the top platforms to make money online. Even though it may seem that it does require investment, read out this section entirely.

In an ideal world, people who want to start would first buy all professional equipment. But a decade ago, when YouTube was on the rise, a good idea made all the difference. Quality content is one of the most important categories content creators must offer.


Owning a smartphone with a good camera and microphone can be enough. It’s a good video editing program and you are good to go. Pairing that up with some desktop/laptop versions is an extra point! There are specialized editors for specific platforms like YouTube or Instagram. They have pre-set video quality technicalities, so you don’t have to worry about that.

For people who have any type of passion, this can be an interesting project and a way to make a quick buck on the side. The road to becoming a full-time social media content creator is long and equally fun. There are traps on this journey as people can be toxic and judgmental. In time you will know how to efficiently deal with stressful situations.


Quality and interesting content will lead to subscribers and followers. The number of likes on each post, shared on social media, will build you an audience base. Through this, you can start promoting local brands, sponsors, and affiliate programs.


Influencers on social media can have a side income. They can even become millionaires. Persistence is the key. This option is a great distraction for people looking to make money between jobs. It can be a great hobby that pays for itself or an entire career. This depends mostly on you, viewers, and some luck.

Mini jobs

This references a few different ways people can make money. User testing is very popular among people aged 25-35 yo. web pages in particular. Try searching for User Testing platforms that offer testing smartphone apps.

Testing each website can get you around $10. The compensation is quite fair. On average, user testing on one website lasts around 20 minutes. This will not earn you a fortune, but it can be a significant boost to your monthly income.

User testing platforms often require you to do registration and testing. If you meet their expectations you can start earning in no time.

Online surveys are another great addition to the range of mini-jobs. Look for websites that require nothing other than your data input. Depending on the demographics of each survey, you may not be a good fit for some of them.

Registering on Survimo is a great start. Simple and engaging surveys that will not dull your senses. You can earn up to $8 per survey, and the payment is secure and simple via PayPal.

Start a blog

The first and most common start to all online endeavors. Starting a blog is the first step to making money online. Once you have a blog there are endless ways how to monetize it and earn commissions.

Starting a blog does require you to invest in hosting and domain, many web hostings gove away hosting. In exchange for free hosting, the address on your page will have the name of the hosting as well. We always recommend buying your own, but you can also make money from freebies as well.

It is important to take into consideration that a profitable niche is an advantage. Once you start getting views it is easy to monetize. This is the easiest way to start earning money.

Another great advantage of blogging is that once you do a good job, you can continue earning. This is not the case with the previous options, but the payout is also lesser.