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Online typing jobs seem to be very popular and are a great choice to make a quick buck on the side. The advantage of modern technologies allowed us to work various jobs. From the comfort of our home. It’s no wonder typing jobs are trendy.

So, if you have an interest in these kinds of work, you’re lucky. Today’s topic will cover some of the most interesting typing jobs. They are a great way to gain revenue without even leaving your home. 

Benefits of online typing jobs

Flexibility. The main advantage of online typing jobs. You can choose when, how, and what you’ll be working on. For all those people that love being inside more than outside, this can be a great job. 

Of course, it gives you the possibility to go out whenever you want. So, you just need to find a quiet and nice place within your home for your home office. 

All you need is a good internet connection and a willingness to work.


10 useful online typing jobs

If you’re interested in trying out some of the remote typing jobs, take a look. You may find this list of remote typing jobs very useful.

#1 Online assistant

If you like doing various general jobs, this might be an opportunity for you. As a virtual assistant, you would do tasks such as:

  • Email tasks
  • Content editing
  • Proofreading
  • Writing and graphic design
  • Transcription

So, an assistant should be able to multitask. If you love these kinds of challenges, try them out. It can be helpful if you own some marketing certificates. This may give you some extra credibility. 

Some platforms for these work types are:

  • Zirtual
  • Fancy Hands
  • 99 Dollar Social

Of course, you will need stable internet and a computer/laptop for this job. 


#2 Freelance writing

Do you love writing and have writing talent? Then, you might be a good freelance writer. This position is good if you can write articles about broad themes. But, it’s also good to know how to do some research before writing. 

You could get tasks to write marketing campaigns. As well as brand recognition, blog posts, etc. So, you need to have strong grammar skills. Also, an eye for detail. There are also online platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork, FlexJobs. You can find there a variety of options for these kinds of jobs.

It’s always good to have some other social media accounts. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can come in handy for these jobs. Of course, like any online job, you would probably get a chance to organize your time. But, there will be deadlines too. So, you will need to plan your time according to your responsibilities. 

#3 Micro job

A micro job is any job that you don’t need to do all the time. These kinds of jobs are good for side hustles. So, if you have a full-time job, a micro job can be a great way to earn side income. 

These are often tasks that include transcriptions, writing paragraphs, or spreadsheet pages. You can find these hustles on platforms such as Fiverr, SEOClerks, and Clickworkers. But, you won’t need much work around these jobs. So, you can easily include them in your daily routine. 


#4 Data entry

Data entry jobs are usually very flexible. You won’t need any formal education for it either. Just be geared with typing skills, computer, and internet. You can find these types of work on platforms such as:

  • Axion Data Services
  • Virtual Locations
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk

So, jobs often consist of entering some data into the spreadsheet. Sometimes you need to edit data before entering it into the system. It’s good to know you can advance in these jobs. You can search for some specialized data entry jobs. Such as court transcription and medical coding. But, be aware, you will need some certificates for these. Data entry jobs are often paid by the hour.

#5 Transcriptionist

As you might have guessed, transcription can be a full-time job too. But, you will need to be more specialized. Also, some listening and typing skills are needed. Transcription jobs often require listening to an audio file. So, after that, you need to type it into written data. 

You will need to know grammar well and be detail-oriented. Any medical or legal transcription will require a certificate. You can find these kinds of jobs on platforms such as TranscribeMe, Rev.com, and Casting Words. Some platforms will give you tests before you get the job. That way they ensure you’re qualified.

#6 Captcha entries

You’ve probably heard of Captchas. Chances are you’ve solved a few. Those are images/puzzles a person needs to solve to enter a site. So, Captchas currently can’t be automatically solved. That’s why many companies hire people to do that for them.

This might not be the most fun job in the world. But, you can earn some nice money without any special skills. You would probably need a Paypal or Payza account to receive money.

Answering surveys is one of the easiest online typing jobs

#7 Surveys

Did you know companies pay to find out your opinion? That’s right. But, as it can be tricky to directly ask your customers about products, they have the other option. A company outsources this type of work. That’s where the legit survey sites kick in. Survey sites match people’s location and offer them to answer a survey. 

So, it’s good to know that:

  • Most surveys are free to join.
  • They are easy and fun.
  • Legit surveys are very transparent.

You should always see a detailed explanation of what you will do. Also, you should get information on how much you will earn by answering a paid survey

Survey sites often pay via gift cards or Paypal. So, if you like mini-games, you would probably enjoy doing some surveys. It’s a nice way to gain side money.


#8 Customer support agent

A “chat” agent answers phone calls or plans web calls. This is often done for US companies. So, you will probably need to be a resident of the US, Canada, or Mexico. Also, you can’t work as a support agent if you don’t have authorization. 

If you have working experience with phone jobs, that’s good. It can also be useful if you can work under pressure. Many companies will let you set your schedule. For example, you could work in two broken shifts. 

Some good platforms for these jobs are:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Live Person

Some people can build a long-term career in this job field. As it can give you a chance to pay rise. Also, you might get medical insurance and a retirement plan.

#9 Blogging

Wouldn’t it be nice to be paid for writing about something you love? Well, very often, that’s blogging all about. But, besides sharing your passion with others, you’ll get a chance to be your boss. Amazing, right? 

You might struggle at the beginning. Blogging is a process that needs time. But once you gain readers you could be able to monetize your blog in many ways. 

Most bloggers earn money as affiliates. That’s when you refer to something in your blog and gain commission when people buy that. So, you just need to send traffic from your blog to an affiliate site. That’s why it is important to give honest reviews and referrals. People love genuine bloggers. Plus, you will be glad if someone buys a product you honestly loved too. 

Basic things you’ll need to start a blog are:

So, gear yourself with patience, hard work, and honesty. That way your blog would have a chance to thrive after some time.

#10 Website testing

If you think you need to know how to code for this job, you’re wrong. Web testing requires just your time. Developers need average users to say if their product is working. So, your task will be to check if everything on a site works well.

So, if you want to type your feedback about sites, check out the following platforms:

  • UserTesting
  • TestingTime
  • 99Tests

You’ll often need to create a profile and start evaluating. This kind of job is pretty flexible. So, you would probably be able to fit it nicely into your schedule.

What’s the best way to get online typing jobs?

Some online typing jobs require skills. But, besides skills, you might need to do some other steps to get these jobs. It’s always good to consider the following tips.

  • Know your typing speed. These types of jobs require a certain typing speed. So, it’s best to know where you stand in that field.
  • Opt for jobs that interest you. It’s always great if you can do what you like. So, if you’re specialized and like something, you might find your job easier.
  • Maintain your CV. Be sure to have an updated CV. Many companies will ask for it. And what’s the best way to present your skills other than your CV?
  • Look for legit platforms. You should only apply for a job on well-known sites. There are many online money-making scams out there. So, it’s always good to check where you apply for a job.

Overall, typing jobs are a great way to earn money on the internet. You just need to opt for those suitable for you.