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Some many different websites and apps will help you make a quick buck on the side. All you need is patience and persistence. People today often want to look for alternative sources of income, but give up rather easily.

In this article, we will cover a few different ways to earn that money. Be it affiliate marketing, running a website or a blog, online courses? These are just a few of them. All these options need some type of skill, dedication, and knowledge. Other methods include websites and apps. They don’t require as much time or skill. Time is the only investment you are required to provide.

The problem of making money online

There is one most common problem of all online apps. That is they require an intermediate knowledge of English. The other option is to look up similar websites in your native language. We focused this article on websites that do not require any specific skill set that anyone can use. It takes a good idea to start building a new skill. Over time this can become a full-time job, and grow as a career. 

The majority of these apps and websites will not make you rich overnight. But they are easily accessible to anyone who wants to make some extra money on the side.

Note: You can make a few bucks by simply surfing the web for instance.



This app allows you to sell your photographs. The awesome thing about this service is that you don’t have to be a professional. A clear picture from your smartphone can be posted on Foap and generate some extra income.

Try to be creative and focus on images other people might find interesting and useful. Maybe you can take a picture of a leaf, tree, or scene from an interesting angle. Lighting can also play an important role. Pictures of Sunset sky, or even during sunrise, can be dramatic. This option is perfect for individuals who have a habit of documenting everything.

The company often organizes competitions. There is no restriction to enrolment, and the winner receives a money prize. There are some rules to follow, but other than that ‘the sky is your limit.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Make pictures using a smartphone that has a decent camera.
  • Use as much natural lighting as possible, as most phones don’t have a very good lens.
  • Remember to use relevant tags related to the content of the picture
  • Don’t use additional filters for the image
  • Take as many pictures as possible. This way you are increasing your chances for income.

Some people are interested and have started posting. But if you stop after two days and ten pictures, the chances are you will not even make a sale. Try learning some basics of photography theory. (YouTube is a treasure trove for such content). Improve and be persistent. The sales will start growing. Then you will focus on what type of visual content is most appealing to the audience.



This application pays you money to walk. The principle of work is rather simple. Install the app, it measures the steps you take and you get Sweatcoins at the end of the day. It is a cryptocurrency you can either change into cash later on or donate.
The average daily amount of SC you can make is 5. This equals approximately 5.000 steps every day. Combining this with referrals, there are a few options to achieve the payment boost. This platform is not for lazy people.

Consider installing it only if you know you walk around plenty. Remember to turn on the pedometer in the app, send referrals and start making extra cash on your side.

Many people spend this money on good donations projects at least. This is why it is important to meet and discuss basic relations. Having a healthier lifestyle can motivate us more if we are paid for it in any way. To learn more about this, head over to this article on how to earn money from walking. 

Make money on Survimo

Websites for making a quick buck on the side

While you are here reading, consider doing online surveys through our website. This website has developed its source of insight into the market research industry.

One of the great things about doing the simplest surveys is that they are 100% anonymous. You will not have to worry about confidentiality breaches and personal data misuse. Doing surveys on Survimo is very simple and engaging. Payments can be made through PayPal or using gift cards. There is a possibility to earn up to $8 per survey.


User Testing

User Testing is a website that engages, as the name implies, with users who test online products. Reviewing and testing websites is quite like completing surveys and other mini-jobs. There are two major differences:

  • a larger amount of money per assignment
  • companies that kind are much more serious and hold more to their clients

Let’s set aside clicking around the screen for a moment. Testing websites and apps involve capturing the screen and your thoughts during testing.

You need to have a microphone to test apps on your computer. To test apps on your smartphone it’s enough to install an app that makes sure everything is recorded. The microphone allows companies to get a better insight into the impressions of a tester. Also, the tester is on the screen answering question during the test.

Every tester following registration must pass an initial test. Initial testing involves checking that you have all the equipment needed for testing. Also, companies need to see if you are fluent in English. Once you pass the initial testing, the companies will start sending you tasks.

Transcribing audio and video content

Influencers are in constant search of new ways to broaden their audience. Transcription is the process of converting people’s speech from audio to text format.

Transcription of an audio in English has been in high demand lately. Anyone who knows how to read and write mediocre in English will be able to transcribe any type of content.

You can find jobs on sites that connect freelancers and employers. Those sites can be Upwork, Freelancer, and so forth. Transcribing in other languages pays well if you know how to set the price of your skills and time.

Sell your voice

Selling voice to voiceover is just the opposite of transcribing audio and video. Building a voiceover is the method of converting text to audio format. You can find the job of making a voiceover on a freelance site. Businesses usually have strict requirements. Such as the type of voice, voice color, accent, etc.

Most jobs are for people who know English. When applying, it is necessary to enclose test recordings from the previous voiceovers. Thus, sometimes, when choosing a job candidate, the color of the voice can be decisive.

Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are people who help companies or individuals with their businesses. The tasks performed by virtual assistants are usually administrative. The companies or entrepreneurs operating online can be easily delegated.


Sometimes companies are looking for virtual assistants who have specific skills. Be it programming, article writing, translation, etc.

Virtual assistants work from home, remotely. For most VA jobs, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection, and of course knowledge of the job from the ad.

It usually starts as a VA through applications for one-time jobs on freelance sites. Can you prove to be a good assistant with excellent results for the work done? If so, there are one-time opportunities to grow into continuous work on a weekly or monthly basis.

Creating online courses

Making money from selling video courses can be an excellent source of income. When selling an information product the seller does not have the following. Any costs related to the delivery and production of the product as with a physical product.

Do you have specific knowledge that solves a problem? You can use that knowledge by creating and selling a video course. Earnings from video course sales are most often combined with earnings on YouTube or a blog.

Do you have an audience on a blog or YouTube? If so, it’s not hard to recognize what they want and offer it to them in the form of a video course. Many websites accept online courses from crafty people all over the world.

The game plan for making a quick buck

It is important to determine what type of work you can do. Check the competitive prices and how much money you need to earn. Other types of work need either more devotion or special skills. Also, focus on having a distraction-free working space to boost your productivity.

A specific skill set allows you to charge more. Especially if there is not as much competition in the field you are offering services in. It is good to have a plan for anything in life. There is no certain way of simply making a quick buck, earning a few thousand, and living life to its fullest as a kid.

Our lives revolve around our work engagements and income. Always consider having a few sustainable options of passive income. Online surveys and money saved on a bank account can still feel as if you’ve made a quick buck on the side.