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Making a website is not very complicated. People can use it for building up an online shop, setting up a blog, or any other type of virtual content. Let’s discover how to monetize your website and boost your income at the same time!

To consider whether it is possible to make money from a website it is important to learn a few basics. There are a few ways it can bring you money. Keep in mind that the process takes time, so combining it with other methods might be a good strategy. Some websites offer money for surveys and can help you save some money.

Referral programs and referral links

Their base is the principle of referral when you receive a percentage of money through. If someone accesses a certain program through you, a part of the earnings goes your way.

Sponsored texts

This means that the client will pay to publish content on your website.  Promoting a service, product or company can enhance their visibility.

Paid links

Links to a site on existing sites are part of the SEO search engine optimization technique. Someone may pay you just to put a link in some of your text, and that is in the context of your content.


Selling your own product/service

Publishing content on a website can attract potential buyers. Focus on researching topics related to the niche of your business.

Sponsored posts on social networks

The client pays to dedicate some content to his product (post or story) on his profile on a social network.

Sales of other advertising spaces

The client rents a banner on the blog or in the newsletter for greater exposure. Through it, you introduce your audience to his brand. Sometimes, when cooperating with a client the options are often combined. Several ways of earning money can mix within one package.

You can sign a contract for a package of services with a larger client that will include:

  • sponsored texts
  • sponsored posts on social networks
  • and a banner in the Newsletter.

Blog advertising is charged in several ways:

  • banner as the image
  • affiliate links
  • Brand Awareness
  • promotional blog posts
  • product reviews and more.

In this post, we will explain more about monetization through the affiliate network. You will learn about proven ways to monetize your website. For the majority of websites for people who have different sets of skills, a blog is the most common form of using it.

How is a blog charged?

You can usually charge for a banner on a blog according to the number of visits. For example, let’s say you have 30,000 visits per month on the blog. You could charge 150 EUR for a banner (image, gif, HTML), again this figure varies a lot for several reasons:

  • Target group demographics (age, gender…)
  • Category (niche)
  • Is your audience specific?
  • Conversion rate
  • What is the goal of the banner (click, brand awareness, etc.)

Based on this, we conclude that the price depends on many parameters – including you. The most important is that everything on your blog benefits your audience – because it’s a real win/win.

There are several ways to monetize your blog and these are some of the most common ways to make money:

  • banner (image, gif)
  • affiliate network
  • Google AdSense
  • promo text
  • your product 

An advertisement on a blog can be in the form of text, an image, or a blank link. Remember that you should never spam your audience for money. You should not accept cooperation if it is non-relevant to your audience. Why? If the advertisement is not intended for your audience, then the effect of the same will not be great.


Try to be creative. Choose a product you like, You can also suggest a way/method that will give results and be interesting. Maybe they suggest one product and you know that others who have will do better. Don’t be afraid to suggest a change because you still know your audience best.

Affiliate marketing = earnings from referrals

Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

It is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing that works on the principle of recommendation. You refer someone to a product/service and when they make a buy, you get a certain percentage of the sale. Sometimes it is 5%, 10% or 50% depending on the company you work for.

What is an affiliate link and how does it work?

It is a link that leads from your blog to some external sites. There is a URL code in the system where you registered monitors sales through that unique link.

When someone buys a certain product through YOUR link, you get a percentage of the sale. Some companies and programs allow payments only after a certain amount.

Earnings from blog reviews

There are many ways to supplement your income from home. It’s pretty clear how you can make money by writing product reviews, isn’t it? You write about your favorite products and make money, it sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Now you must be wondering, “Then why doesn’t everyone make money that way?” – Good question. To achieve a percentage someone must buy that product.

Get to know your audience better. Find out what their needs and problems are. That way you write reviews that make sense and that will help them. You don’t have to accept a company’s review if you don’t believe in the product/service yourself.

Reviews don’t always have to be makeup or a beauty product. Services, web tools, programs, etc. often have a higher percentage of earnings. Everything you write about can be monetized through some form of affiliate marketing.

Every company has a primary goal – to make a profit. Even though they have never cooperated in this way, there is a high probability that they will try with you.

A few more writing tips

# 1 The title of a review like “My impressions of Xyz mascara” won’t go well on google if you want organic visits.  “Here’s why professional makeup artists use Xyz mascara (review)” sounds more objective.


In training and blog workshops you will learn about choosing keywords/phrases for a blog. Also, know how to analyze audience data.  Find the ideal titles for your niche for posts in Google search.

# 2 To have a better chance of converting earnings to “sell the link” in the review. Instead of linking the word to the affiliate site.

That way, the blog visitor knows what awaits him on that link, why he needs it, and whether he needs that link. That way, you will increase the chance that the reader will click on the link, they will take action.

# 3 Share your honest opinion about the product. Include all the good/bad sides of the product. Be specific in the descriptions and consistent with yourself. Don’t write a simple review but help your audience and offer them useful products.

Make money through your site

Many start blogging believing that it’s an easy process to make money. Write something interesting, put some ads on the page and you’ll be rolling in free money in the blink of an eye.

As with all quick-money schemes, the reality is very different. We don’t want to distract you from making a blog for profit – if that’s your intention, that’s fair. You should know that it will be a lot of hard work. The earnings will be very small for a very long time, and even after a few years, you may only earn a penny. Having said that, we would like to introduce you to a few ways you can make money running a blog.

Warning: Niche Adsense Farm is dead

Most internet moguls have made their money so far by setting up a wide network of basics. Simple sites designed to collect Adsense profits from lucrative keywords. They would send thousands and thousands of meaningless articles full of keywords. When a user visits the site they will soon find useless content.

It is important to try and avoid this. Readers and site visitors can click right on some of the sites that look more relevant in the Adsense block.

Some people still think they can do the same thing today. We can tell you that the days of Adsense farms, as they were graciously called, are long and dead. Many of these sites have now found themselves completely taken off Google’s lists. After which profits plummeted.

This is why it is important to prepare the content. Making it engaging is only a piece of the puzzle. Expert and up-to-date content are mandatory.

That doesn’t mean you still can’t make some more Adsense money on a niche theme.  But if you go for it as a goal, consider re-evaluating. Put it on your Adsense site or use one of the so-called “Adsense optimized” themes – you won’t succeed.

Google has made some amazing advances lately. The only way to climb the Google ladder is to create high-quality, modern, relevant content.  And do it in a way people will enjoy and feel the need to share. A little SEO to help you along the way is certainly not out of the question. But the content is the one you need to focus on more than anything else. That is why it is important to learn how to monetize your website