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Notably, there are tons of popular money-making ideas that always pop up. Do all of them work? Mostly not! Will you earn money doing it? Well, maybe. Still, you’d likely earn more money from your 9-to-5 job. At least then it’s a secured salary.

The fact is, there are true ways to earn money online. So many people are doing it every day. Freelance digital nomads to clever marketers to growing entrepreneurs. Notably, are plenty of business ideas you can try at home with your laptop and a good internet connection. So, let’s check out some true ways to make money online.

So, how to find part-time jobs online?

Let’s hop into some of the best ways to find part-time jobs online. Stay tuned, don’t go anywhere!

#1 Use Shopify for dropshipping

By the report to Google Trends, dropshipping’s popularity is growing. This goes without saying, by all means!

Do you know these stories about how an entrepreneur earned $6,667 in 7 weeks? Or how a shop owner earned 6 figures selling only one product? There’s plenty of proof that dropshipping is a solid way to earn money online.


If you are not familiar with what dropshipping is, stay tuned! It’s a business prototype where you sell a product to a client. Yet, the supplier does all the work on your behalf.

With Shopify dropshipping, you have entry to many outcomes that you can count to your store. Some Shopify apps allow you to hand-pick your product photos. Edit stuff descriptions. Also, give your business a personalized vibe, so people will love shopping with you.

#2 Try printing on demand

Print on demand is another widespread way to earn money online. Many individuals have embraced this business model. Why? Well, because it has a lower overhead than other businesses.
Print on demand is similar to drop-shipping, by all means. You don’t need to carry inventory or ship out things to clients yourself. There are two slight differences, though. First, you can make custom products, which is amazing for brand recognition.
Next, you can pick from clear items rather than a vast scope of categories. Most print-on-demand firms offer outcomes that are easy to print on. For instance, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and tote bags.

Tip: How to earn money as a gamer? To make this happen, you simply need a reliable PC and time.

#3 Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most prevalent ways to earn a few bucks online. As the years have gone by, its popularity has gone up and down. Still, it is a sound way to make more cash online.

You pick from a vast scope of businesses to partner with. That includes Shopify, Amazon, and Uber. Affiliate marketing lets you earn a solid income by promoting other brands. Are you a wise marketer? If yes, you can earn a commission from sales by advertising retail creations, software, apps, and more.

Making a commission might seem small. Still, bear in mind that you can be an affiliate for many brands. You can include many affiliate links in a single blog post.


Do you truly want to earn money online by doing affiliate marketing? If yes, your best bet is to concentrate on content marketing. A blog with many pages of high-quality content is an asset you can call your own.

Strategically put affiliate links in your blog posts to drive traffic. Do this, by all means.

#4 Influencer on Instagram

Making a personal brand can also help you earn money online. It may appear like movie celebrities, singers, and athletes are the greatest influencers. Yet, keep in mind that even smaller-scale influencers can earn more money today than they did a couple of years back.

To evolve to be an influencer, you need an organic following. The best media to get started on? Instagram or TikTok. Some of the largest non-celebrity influencers usually gained their first exposure on these platforms. You may want to check out how to get more Instagram followers. Note that you need this to build an audience.

To earn money like this, you can charge for sponsored posts. Or, you can build your own online store and sell products. Also, you can count affiliate links in your bio, sell photos, and much more!


#5 Create an online course

Selling courses is one of the finest ways to make a decent income online. Are you a professional on any matter? If so, you can monetize your learning by building and posting courses online.

You can sell a course or a lesson on Skillshare. Or, if you have your audience already, via your own site or a blog. Some entrepreneurs make as much as $5,000 a month with these courses.

To make a successful course, take motivation from trending courses in your niche. After that, look at the reviews. What is that people honor, and what are the things people despise? How can you make something better than what’s already out there? Concentrate on producing content that solves the greatest complaints. 

The medium you sell your course on will specify how to make money. If you sell on Udemy, you don’t need to do much to boost it. You can nearly set it and ignore it.

Perhaps promote it to some blogs or on social media channels. Yet, if the course is on your own site, you may want to run ads to promote it. It’s also possible to build an email list to promote courses. 

Tip: You can earn money while learning to code. Yes, you can do it, no matter how odd it sounds.

#6 Start a blog

Blogging is likewise one of the best ways to earn a decent income online. You may be thinking if it’s still possible for new bloggers to earn money. Are competitors scaring you? Stop worrying about all these things, please! Still, you can build a great blog and make money by utilizing the correct approaches.

Blogging needs dedication and consistency. This is an honest matter! Likewise, it will take some time before you see any earnings. Still, it is definitely possible.

First, select the niche. Niche is your primary subject. In relation to this, you must be precise. There is a big quantity of blogs on the net. Comprehending that, try to deliver a unique stance. If you do that, your visitors are more probable to stick around.

You should choose your domain. Later on, consider the design, layout format, responsiveness, and all of that. There are a ton of great tips out there to assist you with this.


Someday, you will need to publish every single day. This is the unwritten rule, per se! Do not post less than two posts a week. Besides, advertise your blog posts as much as you can.

Tip: What is the best way to make money writing online? You can earn money like this in many different ways!

#7 Do side gigs

Side gigs can assist you to earn money online. If you want to make an extra few bucks on the side per month, try this! Use media like Fiverr and Upwork to locate part-time gigs.

As a newbie, you’ll want to concentrate on offering a low price. Do this until you get that first review! Keep in mind, the more gigs you have, the more likely you will be seen. This really goes without saying!

Tip: Etsy? eBay? Amazon? There are so many sites where you can sell stuff online and make money.

#8 Become an online tutor

This could be an amazing part-time opportunity. Do you have a teaching degree? Or do you know foreign languages? If so, you may be more likely to land a tutoring job. Having a degree or background in a language is necessary for this type of job.

Have you spoken at a meeting or event about the matter? If so, think about the online tutoring, teaching, or mentoring position.

Natural sciences often have a high demand for tutoring positions. But you’ll also find English popular among global audiences. If you’re a professional on a topic, tutoring is for you!

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#9 Become a Twitch streamer

While Twitch began as a gaming platform, it’s quickly growing to include other kinds of content. Today, Twitch streaming is an increasingly widespread way to earn money online.

To work part-time on Twitch, you’ll need to increase your following. If you’re consistent, streaming here can help you make a sizable audience fast. You’ll require to find a famous game or channel that isn’t too competitive.

Do this so people can readily find your content. To get people to catch your streams, it’s essential to have a consistent style. Select your path and stick to it.

There are many methods to monetize your Twitch channel. That is selling products, sponsorships, donations, subscriptions, and ads. You can make a ton of money hosting Twitch streams with the right strategy.

Tip: There is a large scope of blogs you can select to focus on to make a buck on the side.

Bonus: Buy and sell domain names

Do you regularly purchase domain names but don’t use them? If that is a yes, you can always attempt to sell them for a gain. But, selling domains is competitive. If you possess a one-word domain, you’ll have a better chance. Terms that include a high search volume sell well too.

Likewise, domains that are on sensation have a better possibility of selling. You can sell these domains on GoDaddy’s Domain Auction. Examine the domains that have the best bids to see what sells well. It will help you know if these domains are worth selling.