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More parents do not want to commute to go to work anymore. Instead, they are taking remote job options. For many, working remotely offers parents the best options. It is the capability to be available to their young kids while still earning money. Still, working from home with a toddler is definitely not as easy as you may think!

Having your office at home can generate a few issues. This is mainly true if your toddler is staying home while you work. In fact, trying to be available to work when your toddler is around may be quite hard.

Your kid needs constant attention. Still, unlike a baby, the toddler is mobile. Here are 12 tricks for working from home with a toddler and staying sane. Let’s dive into them now!

#1 Throw away the guilt

In fact, many people are in the same boat. Did your child do nothing but binge on cartoons so you could finish a project? It’s okay. These are odd times. Still, you can do nothing but welcome it and move on.

Parenting and working have always been fragile balancing acts. Working remotely with a toddler is a much harder one. Under ordinary events, you’d have a babysitter (or grandparent) that could help out. Or, you’d think about daycare.


Nevertheless, this is the new normal. Moreover, you might find that you have no choice but to work and hold the toddler.

#2 Bribes are fine

More often than not, interruptions are not okay. To sum this all up, let’s say your child behaves and obeys the rules when you need order. In that case, praise and award the right manners, by all means. With any chance, you’ll see more of that demeanor as you work from home.

What if the prizes don’t work? Let’s say now you’re hopeless because meetings need to occur now. Well, there’s nothing wrong with a tiny bit of bribery. Allowing your children to play video games for two hours while you deal with a demanding client? This might be the tradeoff you need to make right now.

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#3 Communicate the issue

What to do before you start any work talk with coworkers? Let the people on your team know your concern, by all means. Letting people know your case is a critical step toward strengthening professional connections. The warning indicates that you’re trying to stay ahead of any possible issues.


And your colleagues may be on the same page as you. So they likely have their childcare needs to deal with, as well.

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#4 Embrace screen time

As much as you may restrict screen time, think about embracing it right now. Often, there’s nothing like a movie marathon to keep the children entertained. This can give you some peaceful time to work in a great sprint.

Still, screen time doesn’t have to indicate silly cartoons and comic movies. There are a bunch of educational choices for kids to binge on. This really goes without saying!

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#5 Split shifts

Do you have a partner that is also working remotely? If yes, try splitting the work and the childcare responsibilities. Do this so you each have an equivalent share of work and juniors.

For instance, one of you could work for a definite four-hour block in the morning. The other one can watch the children during that time. Later in the day, switch roles. While it’s not a full working day, some work is better than none. Mixed with other innovative solutions, everything is doable.

#6 The playpen is cool

Is your toddler old enough? If so, don’t feel terrible about putting them in the playpen. You can set up the playpen near your office and keep an eye on what’s occurring. By doing this, you can finish many tasks, by all means. On the other hand, your kid is in a safe place and can occupy themselves.

What’s more, you can utilize an activity mat for kids that can’t move alone yet. Tie a couple of toys to the hooks or mat and let your kid bat away at them.

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#7 Smash the mute button

No matter how much you may want a mute button for your kids, that doesn’t exist. Still, when you speak with colleagues or clients, be sure you utilize the mute button on calls. This is extremely important to keep in mind, by all means.

Kids can have poor timing, and you never know when they will decide to add to the discussion. As cute as it may be to you, the other people on the call might not share your opinion. Moreover, if the toddler keeps talking, others on the call may be cut off.

#8 Establish boundaries

Clarify to your toddler what it means when the door is closed. Say that they can’t come in without knocking first. What if you don’t have an office with a door? In that case, you might need to get a bit creative for privacy needs. You will see that a wardrobe or even the bathroom can do well!

Similarly, you should make a solid and visible stop sign. You can place it on your door for those times when you can’t be interrupted. This truly goes without saying! Let your kid know that when the sign is up, you are busy and unavailable.

You’ll talk to them as soon as you’re done. Still, in the meantime, they need to wait and be more quiet than usual. Praise them if they behave nicely when the sign is up. Also, explain to them what the sign signifies multiple times.


#9 Set a schedule

Kids flourish with routine and boundaries. We all know that. That is difficult to achieve when you’re attempting to work. Still, if you take some time to plan a program for the following day, it’ll make things more manageable.

When feasible, try to adhere to the existing routine. For instance, does your toddler get up at 7:00 AM and watch TV until 8 AM? If so, stick with that plan. After that, make time for them to work on activities while you work. Don’t bother.

There are a ton of fun and educational tips here in this guide! Yet, don’t plan long blocks of time. Split up your day into shorter sections. Perhaps you work for 30 minutes while your kid does a puzzle. After that, you can take a 15-minute break together.

working from home with a toddler

#10 Virtual visits

Grandparents and friends can be valuable resources when we need them. Ask the grandparents if they can organize video calls with the children. Ask them to read stories to each other, draw sketches, or do something else.

This help can truly come in handy sometimes. So, if you can, try to take advantage of the situation. Especially, the tech!

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#11 Boredom busters

Sometimes, you will hear, “I’m bored.” When that occurs, you will truly need a boredom buster. Often, we’d suggest you prepare boxes full of fun stuff. A lot of these need you to run out and purchase supplies.

Notably, you might not be able to do that these days. So, look for items you can utilize around the house, by all means. This can also apply to tablets and other screen gadgets.

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#12 Talk to your toddler

Your toddler might comprehend that you have a job. They may even comprehend that you work remotely. That doesn’t indicate they comprehend everything that’s happening right now.

Of course, you may not want to justify all the reasons. You don’t have to go into details about your work ethic or entire company rules. However, you should take some time to demonstrate what it means to work. Let your children know that you have to do your job. This is really important.

Say that you need to do things for your company and that it is critical. Define that leaving you alone helps you get your work done quickly. So, the faster you finish work, the sooner you’ll play with them.