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More and more people all over the globe are working from home. It looks like this is slowly becoming the future of work everywhere. Remote work is cheaper for employers and more convenient for employees. This saves both time and money! But, working from home comes with its own set of challenges.

For some people, it is difficult to stay productive all the time when outside the office. This is why it’s very important to know how to set up a home office for the best productivity. Having a good home office is not only for people working from home from time to time. It is what you want if you’re trying to make money as a stay-at-home parent.

Plan and prepare to set up a home office the right way

Once you decide you’re setting up a home office, you’ll need to spend some time planning. Setting up your home office isn’t as easy as getting a new pair of sneakers. It takes a lot more research. Also, you won’t be changing it a lot once you set it up.

In the end, you’ll use your home office a lot every day. Most of us spend six to ten hours working. And this means you’ll spend this time in your home office. So, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve planned and researched it properly. Remember, investing a minute in preparation will save you ten minutes in actualization. This means that you’ll save a lot of time when setting up your office if you prepare well.

Choose the best place possible

The first thing you’ll need to set up a home office is a good place to start. The only way we can be productive is if we remove distractions from our environment. This is easier said than done, though. Finding the best location for your home office will take some time and work. Also, there’ll be a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.


Set up a home office with some privacy

The most important thing you’ll need is a quiet place to work from. This place doesn’t have to be really quiet if that’s what you prefer. But, it will need to be someplace where people won’t bother you while you’re working. Privacy is very important for productivity in home offices. There are many more distractions at home. Some of these are your family, your gadgets, and your books. It is easy to lose time when “taking a break” or talking to your family. Thus, it is crucial to remove any distractions from your home office. This will ensure you have the necessary privacy to get work done.

Room to work

Apart from removing distractions, you’ll need enough room to feel comfortable. You shouldn’t work on small foldable tables or on other similar surfaces. You will need enough space to use your computer and all of its peripherals. Whether you’re using a mouse, a keyboard, or a printer, you’ll need to use them with comfort. If you’re working in a tight spot with no room to move, you’ll never be as productive as you can be. Thus, you’ll want to work on a desk or a large table. This is one of the top online money-making tips that will help you boost your productivity. Not to mention that it will improve your concentration and overall health.

The best light conditions possible

Humans are wired to need daylight to function. This is a consequence of millions of years of evolution. And while there are a lot of people who work better at night, most of us are early birds. This means that lighting is very important for our productivity. Getting enough daylight into your workspace will help you work with more focus. Also, daylight keeps you alert and awake. Being alert will help you finish your tasks faster and deliver a better service.

Productivity boosts aren’t related to any source of light, either. It needs to be the natural light from the sun. This is why it’s really important to set up a home office with at least one window. The more windows the better, of course. But, it is difficult to find a room with a lot of windows in every house. So, just make sure you’re setting up a home office in a room that has natural lighting and at least one window. Apart from the lighting, the window will give you something to look at other than your screen. This is a great help when resting your eyes and your mind.

Places to avoid working in

There are some spots in your home that kill productivity no matter how hard you focus. These are the spots you should avoid at all costs. Never set up a home office in the following conditions.

  • Kitchen – this is by far the worst spot to work in. It is one of the rooms in your home with the most traffic. Also, there are a lot of delicious distractions in the kitchen. All of this will make your workday less productive.
  • Bedroom – working close to a bed is not a great idea. You’re bound to lay on the bed once in a while and take a break. These breaks can take up more time than you have planned. This will kill your productivity and decrease your efficiency.
  • A room with a TV – this one is pretty obvious. If you set up a home office in a room that has a TV, you’ll watch TV more than you’ll be working. Even if there isn’t anything interesting on, you’re bound to watch whatever. This will make it difficult to focus and destroy your productivity.
  • Garage – people think that a garage is a good spot for a home office. This is not the case. Garages don’t have enough daylight to make them good rooms for working in.
  • Any room with only one electrical outlet – you’ll use a lot of electronics for your job. Putting them all in one socket will overload the breakers. This can cause serious issues with the electricity in your entire home.

Someone who set up a home office with a window

Adapt as you need

It will take a lot of time and effort to set up the perfect home office for your needs. Not to mention that it could put a strain on your family’s budget if you try to do it all at once. Thus, you’ll need to figure what works and what doesn’t as you go. Do not make any serious investments until you’re sure you won’t change them in a year.

Shelves help you set up a home office for productivity

To get the most out of your home office, you’ll need to think vertically. Installing shelves will allow you to get have more storage space in your home office. You can use it for paperwork, documents, your children’s drawing, or whatever else you need. In a home office, having more storage is better than having less.

Choose the right wall paint

The wall color can make or break a home office setup. It is necessary to choose the right one. You’re aiming for darker, pastel colors. You wouldn’t want your office to be too bright. You also don’t want it to be too dark. There are some people who prefer black paint on their home office walls. But, this can have negative effects in the long run. Black walls can close a space out and make you feel claustrophobic. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have one black or dark wall in our home office. If you need something to contrast your computer screen, you can paint one wall black.

Cable management

When you set up a home office, you’ll be moving in it a lot. This is why it’s very important to have well-managed cables in it. You don’t want to trip over your cables or run them over with a chair. Well-placed cables are great for productivity, too. Having all that clutter out of your sight will make your office look much tidier.

Get the right equipment to set up a home office

A craftsman is as good as their tools. This goes the same for a modern worker. You’ll need the proper equipment in your home office if you want to be productive. This is especially true if you’re a gamer looking to make money online. Having a good setup will give you an edge compared to others.



Your computer will need to be efficient and up to date. You won’ have an easy time using all the online tools if your computer is old. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need a top-of-the-line machine with insane stats. But, it also means that you shouldn’t use your 10-year-old computer for work. Also, make sure you have all the peripherals you will need to complete your job. Ensure you have all the screens, keyboards, printers, or speakers you might need.


A good chair is essential for a productive home office. People usually don’t want to invest in an office chair, which is a terrible mistake. We all tend to forget that we sit in a chair for up to 10 hours every day. You’ll need to be comfortable when you’re sitting. An improper sitting posture can lead to serious back issues and health problems down the line. Getting the perfect chair will depend on you and how you like to sit while working.

We have two useful tips that will help you choose. First off, never buy an ergonomic chair before trying it out. Buying a chair only because it looks nice is a grave error. Next, do not use gaming chairs for working. Unless you’re a professional gamer, you’ll regret it. Your body and arm position are very different when you’re typing and playing games. A gaming chair is comfortable when you’re gaming, not typing or researching.