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Working remotely offers unique challenges. Some of these challenges you would not encounter in a regular office. For instance, it is harder to be productive at home if you lack a home office. You will encounter distractions, perform chores, and even have less inspiration to work.

Unlike a regular office setup, you do not have set workspaces for productivity. You will have to stress about your tools and gear. Apart from that, you will be utilizing your personal internet connection and a pc.

That is why it is critical to prepare a home office for remote work. There are various methods to work with the existing set-up that you have. Be that as it may, it will be hard to stay productive if you do not have the essentials. The quality of your work will likewise suffer if you have a slow internet connection.

Significance of a work-from-home office setup

Building a productive workspace in a home can be difficult. It’s crucial to fight the urge to just pull up a chair at the dining table. Rather, invest in long-term tools that support your health and well-being.

Throwing a home office in an unfitting setting may negatively affect your work. Also, parts of this workspace are crucial for avoiding any strain that non-ergonomic furniture can induce.


Setting up a home office for remote work

Learning how to set up a home office for top productivity is critical. Here are 15 must-know tricks you need to boost your productivity. Also, they help maintain your health at the same time.

#1 Think outside the desk

A proficient office is much more than just a deluxe office desk and a puffy chair. Here are some basic essentials for your home office when working remotely:

  • Pens, pencils, folders, binders, and staplers.
  • Modular cabinets are a must! Invest in some good-quality folder drawers or modular cabinets.
  • Get a small coffee maker for your home office. After all, excellent ideas start with coffee.
  • Tiny refrigerator for cold water, smoothies, iced coffee, and chocolate milk.

#2 Business communication systems

A home office or virtual workspace needs its own internet connection. It also needs appliances like a router and broadband cabling. Yes, it may seem excessive during the initial days, by all means.

Still, as your business picks up you are sure to require an internet connection for your work. You may even need a separate phone line. So, try to keep this in mind at all times!

#3 Pay attention to the décor

The décor of your remote office does matter, by all means. Pay attention to the backdrop walls and lighting. Do this mainly if you have periodic video talks taking place. Personalize your backdrop with your business logo or tagline.


This is great for a sleeker way to market your company even while you are doing calls. It also helps to hold motivational signs or slogans up to keep your mood positive.

Tip: Some types of work need more devotion or skills. So, you need a distraction-free working space to boost your productivity.

#4 Security components

Most people think about the security of their homes and loved ones. Still, they may not invest in certain safety elements for their office space. Don’t depend on home security for your remote work security.

Work security is separate from home safety. Call a professional to set up CCTV cameras, sensors, or money safes. Also, make sure that your office systems are equipped with security elements. For instance, those can be antivirus systems, firewalls, encryption, VPNs, and corporate email filters.

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setting up a home office for remote work

#5 The proper devices matter

Any office needs refined devices. Technology is the spine of productivity as well as profitability. Don’t think of technological gadgets as an expense. They are investments that will get huge returns!

Opt for the larger screen and sounder Bluetooth speaker. Also, choose a faster internet service provider, a state-of-the-art printer, and the best laptop.

#6 Me-time space

What is the most significant advantage of a home office? Well, it is that it allows you to prepare a me-time space. Relaxing activities like Yoga and meditation help boost your imagination, motivation, and productivity.

How about a relaxing corner in your home office to do away with anxiety? A small cozy couch, lazy bag, or rocking chair to enjoy a cup of coffee before you run back to work. It’s critical to separate work and solitude within your own four walls.

#7 Flexibility

A flexible setup is quite important. This is mainly true if you are uncertain about your work needs. You may think about easy-to-use modular furniture, folding tables, and stackable appliances.

These can help you better utilize narrow space and plan for co-working necessities. What’s more, they help with portability in the future. Keep this in mind!

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#8 Utilize smart tech

Smart tech is the way to work more intelligently. This is truly an unspoken rule! Link your home office with smart tech and allow the features on your phone. Picture the comfort of starting your heater from your phone when you are in another room!

It’s a little price to pay for making your work life better and easier. If you have a team to supervise, make sure they all have access to a remote desktop.

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#9 Personalize to match your character

A home office delivers you the luxury to personalize your space. Also, it gives you the freedom to design it in your unique style. Notably, try to set your home office decor that is a true reflection of your character!

Try to always be innovative! Use your mementos, photographs, wall art, coffee-table books, and other things to spice up your home office. Save a few bucks on the side and add a unique touch. The best you can do is get some motivational wall posters and signs to boost your productivity.

#10 Give the location a serious thought

It’s funny, but the location of your home office is critical. This goes without saying! Here are some tips to help you choose the right spot for your home office.

Think about a room or space that is close to your main door. Try to arrange your remote office away from the kitchen, by all means. Do this to evade the impulse to snack or eat when not needed. Go for a room that delivers good natural lighting. This is the most important one!

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#11 Always do your homework

The key to setting up a home office is transparency. You need to be precise about your work profile and its needs.
It is very critical to determine your needs before you jump into making your dream workplace. Ask yourself queries such as:

  • Why do I need a home office?
  • How will I be utilizing the remote office in the future?
  • Do I plan to hire people shortly?
  • How will I run meetings or conference calls?
  • What kind of work background is helping for better productivity?
  • What is the budget I have? How much cash do I have to set it up?

working from home with a toddler

#12 Pick the proper colors

Colors can have a huge psychological influence on people. Selecting the proper color can mean the contrast between high productivity and feeling sleepy each time you sit at your desk. Various colors evoke distinct physical and emotional reactions from people. With that said, you need to choose wisely.

Typically, light and breezy colors are better for a home office. You’ll also want to employ more “natural” colors. For instance, blues, greens, whites, and other soil-like tones.

#13 Focus on the necessities

The ideal workspace isn’t the same for all. Before you begin organizing your workspace, start by setting clear expectations. Determine precisely what you need from a home office before designing anything. This will truly make the process much more manageable. Bear in mind that your necessities will rely on the kind of work you do.

If you are a gamer, you will need much more powerful equipment. That may not be the case if you are working in customer support, for instance.

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#14 Remove all distractions

What is one huge drawback of working from home? Well, it is all the distractions. Sure, there are distractions at the workplace, too. Still, they are nothing likened to what you have at home. So, try to eliminate distractions at that home office.

There are things that help you take a brief, five-minute break when feasible. But there’s the TV that can waste hours of your time, too. So, stay away from the TV!

#15 Smart storage solutions

Many virtual offices don’t have much room to work with. Moreover, that’s the reason smart storage solutions are essential. The proper storage solution will help you keep all you need nearby. You don’t want your home office to look like a complete mess.

You will not be able to find what you’re looking for in a messy space. Not only that, but it will also impact your mood and general productivity. Keep this in mind!