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We have all witnessed how world trade has changed in recent years. Market research experts say that e-commerce has doubled during the pandemic worldwide.

Notably, online shopping in Europe alone increased by 57%. The users mostly bought groceries, small household appliances, computers, and equipment for them, as well as clothes and shoes.

The pandemic and unprecedented locking measures had a huge impact. People were forced to choose e-commerce instead of regular commerce.

The fact is that people spent more time in their homes. Yet, the fear of infection was crucial indeed. So, when we take into account all that, we can conclude that online sales are on a huge rise.

It’s a great opportunity for each of us to make some money. What are 15 things you can sell from home to make money online? Let’s see!


How to sell things from your home?

Do you need extra cash, and you don’t want to leave your home? Don’t worry as this article got you covered! There are so many different tricks to earn money online. Here are some suggestions:

#1 Sell old clothes

If you have old clothes that you no longer wear that still look decent, you can easily sell them online. You have many websites like Poshmark, Macari, and Facebook Marketplace where you can sell your old clothes.

If you have branded clothes, the earnings will be higher. So grab that clothing you don’t need and sell it. Your wardrobe will also look much better!

#2 Make jewelry

If you are artistically inclined and creative, this may be the right choice for you. You can sell jewelry in person, or you can open your online store.

This is an interesting job, but it’s not easy at all. You need to love handicrafts. If you are skilled, patient, and talented enough, the sky will be your limit.


#3 Make t-shirts

This is also a great choice for creative people — to print t-shirts for money. Firstly, you can start by printing ads for companies and individuals.

If you are creative enough, you can patent some of your unique designs and try to sell them online. You can do that by using platforms like Printify

#4 Do email marketing

Email marketing is a form of writing but focuses more on selling various things. You must be a talented writer but also talented in sales. The job category this falls under is freelance marketing, and it includes the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Ecommerce marketing
  • Content marketing
  • SEO

Freelance marketing has a lot of benefits for free and open-minded people. It gives you the freedom to do what you want from wherever place on earth you want.

#5 Make a coffee mug

There isn’t a single person on this earth who doesn’t love coffee. So, everyone needs a good coffee mug. Try some creative ways to make a mug with fun quotes or graphics. You can also do this by using print on demand.


All you need to do is create the design. Perhaps add some interesting description too. Shipping is covered by the printing company of choice, such as Printify.

You can then sell your handmade creations to buddies or relatives. Speaking of print on demand, you can sell it online on platforms such as Etsy or Shopify.

#6 Make planners or PDFs

Are you a fan of designing various things? If so, you can try making printable planner pages or PDFs. You can make all types of scheduling downloadable printables.

For example, those can be to-do lists, budgeting printables, workout planners, and more. You can also sell these on platforms such as Etsy or Creative Market. 

#7 Sell your writing skills

Selling your skills is a big deal today! You can also make money writing articles or blog posts for businesses. Doing this can be extremely profitable.

Work on your communication skills first. Then, search for websites that are hiring freelance writers. You can try copywriting, ghostwriting, and more!


#8 Sell paintings or drawings

This is quite similar to selling printable planners and PDFs. Is drawing and painting your true passion? Think about selling your best drawing pieces to make some money.

You can list them on Creative Market, eBay, Etsy, and more. Design, take some photographs, and set your price. Review the existing market and see what people are searching for. 

#9 Do photography

Are you good at taking pictures? Is professional photography your passion? Try selling your photography on your site or online shop.

From photos of nature to photos of your home office. People are looking for everything. You can check out Shutterstock and similar websites to apply.


Practice more, and you can work up to setting higher prices. This is a great way to earn a few bucks on the side.

#10 Sell old books

Do you have an ample supply of books you no longer need? Do you want to sell those books? If the answer is a yes, it’s easy to do this online. You can do this on platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Be mindful of any series you can sell as a set. Selling textbooks can likewise bring you a fair amount of cash.

#11 Sell dishes

Perhaps you’re still thinking about what to sell to earn money from home? Maybe you have some gorgeous dishes or other pricey material. Try to list them on Amazon if you don’t need them. 

If the dishes do not have sentimental value, they could be a terrific item to sell. Try not to sell things that matter to you as you may regret that later. Only make sure to pack them appropriately for shipping.

#12 Broken electronic devices

This looks more niche, by all means. Yet, selling broken things on eBay isn’t a total no-no. You only need to do a few things in advance! Be clear and state that the item doesn’t work.

Mention that you’re selling to be utilized for parts and it will sell! You may also sell your tech to businesses that refurbish old electrical goods.

#13 Remote controls

This is one more strange way to make money from home by selling. Yet, it’s funny how every home appears to have a leftover remote control. It is perhaps stuffed away in a drawer that no one can recall what it was for.

Is there some remote control lying around? If so, have a closer look at it on eBay. You can make some money off of this for sure! 

#14 Empty boxes

It’s relatively common to purchase used goods online. Especially ones that don’t arrive with a box. Then, shoppers are ready to shell out for the right empty boxes. This is to make the thing look new when given it.

You’ll be amazed to see empty boxes for iPhones. Also, there are tons of other goods going for an honorable amount of money.

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#15 Sell your opinion

Let’s now focus on the method where your opinion matters. Now, imagine someone suggests paying you for it. Sign up to paid survey websites, such as Survimo, for instance.

By answering simple surveys, you can earn some easy pocket money. Also, try going through videos for cash. Or perhaps present your expert view on new music in a swap for cash. 

What is the best site to sell things from your home?

#1 Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms out there. So, it is a great platform for you to sell your stuff.

There are two types of seller programs on Amazon. There is the Individual and the Professional plan. The first one starts at $0.99 per sale. The other one charges a balanced fee of $39.99 a month.

Besides, sellers should predict selling and shipping fees. This is the unwritten rule, by all means!

#2 eBay

On eBay, you’ll find a ton of listings for various things. From electronics to home items, there’s everything!

This marketplace is a lot like Amazon. There are also various types of seller programs you should know.

There are five ranks of supply subscriptions: Starter, Basic, Premium, Anchor, and Enterprise. These plans go from $7.95 a month to $2,999.95 a year and come with extra advantages.

Still, regular sellers have the option to just sell off products. All that without subscribing to any program. You only need to create a profile, and you’re good to go! There are also fees for a listing as well as transaction fees.

#3 Walmart

Walmart stores are known to everyone! Yet, did you know you could be a seller via Walmart Marketplace? Yes, you could list your things on the Walmart website. That way, get to one of America’s biggest shopper bases.

One thing matters a lot here: There are no annual or monthly fees required. So, perhaps this one can win the race!

Rather, there will only be a referral fee for every item you sell. That may vary between 6 – 20% of the product cost. Apply to be a seller, you have nothing to lose!