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Let’s make one thing clear. Being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t earn some money on the side. Of course, no one would recommend you apply for a job in a tire factory or something. There are plenty of online gigs a pregnant woman can easily handle!

Re-read the last sentence! In it, you’ll find the main reason why we’ve chosen to talk about this today! Also, even if you’re not pregnant – you’ll find this article pretty useful. In other words: guys, there’s no need to miss out on this one! All in all: in today’s text, we’ll show you how to make money during pregnancy!

PS. We’ve even made something you’d call a slogan. Here it is: pregnant or not, you’ll earn a lot! Or: pregnant or not, you’ll thank us a lot! Okay, that was a bit over-the-top. Anyway, meet you downstairs!

An introduction

Okay, so before we dig deeper into what’s our main theme, let’s consider something else. Why is remote work good for pregnant women? Let’s see some of the reasons why that’s so:

  • They’ve got the opportunity to earn without leaving their homes. No need to worry about the hustle and bustle of going to the office.
  • Online jobs require zero to no physical activity. Unless you count sitting and typing on the keyboard as strenuous physical activities.
  • They’re able to work as much as they want. Most of the jobs we’ll show you don’t require you to stick to a strict schedule.
  • They’re able to quit anytime. This one goes without saying; the jobs you’ll find here won’t make you feel guilty ’cause you quit.
  • It’s a good opportunity to consider alternative career paths. Who knows? You might find the job of your dreams while working easy online gigs.

Of course, there are many other advantages we’ll leave unmentioned. That’s because we don’t wanna keep you waiting any longer! Here’s how you’ll make money during pregnancy!

A pregnant woman sitting on the sofa and making money online.

How to make money during pregnancy – Simple online jobs

We’re sorry to have kept you waiting through the intro! So, shall we begin?

#1 Proofreading

Here’s a quick question. Did anyone ever call you a grammar snob? If that’s so, this might turn out to be an ideal work-from-home gig for you! You’ll be able to proofread other people’s texts and feed on their illiteracy. We’re just kidding!

You might wonder: what will I proofread? Here’s a little list of what kind of documents will you be going through:

  • E-books.
  • Transcripts.
  • Contracts.
  • Resumes.
  • Academic papers.
  • Etc.

Okay, so basically any type of written document. All in all: these jobs won’t require you’ve got a degree to show off or something. Also, did you know that you can earn up to $40k per year with proofreading? As we’ve said, this might be a good opportunity to consider a career change!

#2 Transcription

Did anyone ever call you a transcription snob? Okay, we’ve just made that one up; it’s downright absurd. Anyway, did you know that transcription gigs are also a great way to earn money while pregnant? Now that you do, what are you waiting for?


So, what do transcription jobs actually look like? Here’s the thing: you’ll have to transform spoken words into text. Simple as that. Okay, and where can you find such gigs? Your best bet is to start with Upwork!

#3 Paid surveys

Gotta a lot of free time on your hands, but don’t how to cash in on it? Love to voice your opinion? If your answer’s YES to both questions, here’s a little suggestion. Why don’t you try answering paid online surveys? 

The process is so simple it hurts! First, you’ll have to create a profile on one of the platforms. Speaking of which, why don’t you visit our home page? Anyway, once you create a profile, you’ll receive invitations to answer paid surveys. These invitations will be based on your personal preferences and skills.

Oh, and what about payment methods? You can get paid via PayPal (or other online payment platforms). Or: you can get discount coupons for various online stores. Lastly, you can even directly donate the money to charity, if that’s your wish.

#4 Graphic design

Know how to find your way around programs like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop? Worked as a graphic designer before? If so, you’ll find a lot of online job propositions in this field of work. The site we’ve mentioned above (Upwork) and other online work platforms got a pretty big offer.


There’s no need to emphasize the importance of visual presentation in today’s world. That’s why quality graphic designers are highly sought after! So, yeah, if you’ve got the necessary skills and tools, there’s no reason to miss out on these gigs!

#5 Start your blog

Here’s an idea: start a blog that chronicles your pregnancy! We’re not saying it’s gonna work instantly, but who knows… No one started big! Anyway, it doesn’t have to be about pregnancy or anything similar to it! Your interests are broader than the being-a-mother field of knowledge.

If you think you’ve got something to say about this or that topic, blog about it! It’s your chance to share with the world your thoughts and feelings! And if you earn enough website clicks, there’s a fair chance you’ll be able to monetize ’em!

#6 Sell old personal and home inventory

Wondering how to make money during pregnancy? What about selling the stuff you’ve stockpiled during your consumerist hunts? Now, this mightn’t be a job per se, but it’s an activity that will help you earn some money!

We’re not suggesting that you sell your grandma’s jewelry or anything similar! Nope. The thing is: we live in a consumer-driven economy. In other words: we all have a ton of useless stuff inside our homes. And your average hoarder’s den ain’t no place to raise children!

Anyway, think about it this way: you’ll free up some space for the baby! Not to mention all the extra money you’ll earn! Also, if you’ve got the time and your family’s assistance, organize a good ol’ yard sale! There ain’t a better way to get the whole neighborhood together!

#7 Writing interesting content

If you were to check most blogs and websites out there on the web… You might get the idea some of ’em are written quite poorly. Regardless of what you think about this blog, content writing might be your ideal side job! There are many business owners looking for someone to enhance their site(s)! To enhance them in terms of engaging content, that is!

Needless to mention, you’ll find most of these gigs on online working platforms. Checked Fiverr yet?

#8 VA (Virtual Assistant) jobs

If you miss the old office (and some, actually, do), you’re gonna love this idea! There are more & more VA job positions appearing online each day! The more online companies “show up” on the market, the more VA’s are needed! So, what exactly does a VA do? Here’s a list of potential tasks you’ll encounter:

  • customer service. Providing relevant info to the folks that demand it!
  • checking emails. Because there’s much work to do, and no time to check emails!
  • proofreading. Many online companies work on an international level. Someone needs to watch the language!

Your tasks as a VA could also include some video editing and design. However, the ones we’ve mentioned above are among the most common!


#9 Social media manager

No one would try to disprove that social media’s more important than ever! That being said, many companies heavily rely on their social media visibility! In other words: they’ll need a person to help them with that sector. That’s where you (pregnant or not) enter the picture!

Are you spending a lot of your time on Facebook or Instagram? Following the latest trend on TikTok? If that’s so, you’re a perfect fit for this line of work! Some VA gigs we’ve mentioned above include social media managing!

#10 Become an author

Is there anything original in the way you’ve handled your pregnancy? Don’t answer since there must be! Each person’s path is unique and there’s a ton of folks waiting to hear your story! Of course, you don’t even have to write about being pregnant. As we’ve already said, your interests cover various fields of knowledge!

Anyway, writing a best-selling book isn’t an easy task. Quite the contrary! However, you’ll have a chance to share some of your experiences with folks around the globe. With such a reward in sight, many would forget about financial benefits a book can bring to its author!

Lastly, we wouldn’t say that writing a book is a typing gig. Still, we’ve published a list of cool typing gigs one can try online.

Final thoughts on how to make money during pregnancy

Okay, so that should’ve covered some portion of the gigs you can do while pregnant! Hopefully, you’ll be a bit richer by the time your baby sees the light of day! Anyway, whatever you choose from the this list, we’re sure you won’t regret the decision! Learning how to make money during pregnancy was never easier!

For more tips on various way you can earn an income through online work, visit our blog page!