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Creating an extra income requires some creativity. The internet is a treasure trove of opportunities to make money surfing the web. There are many ways people can create some extra money on the side. There are only a few things you need to have to start: a nice home office setup, time, a solid computer/smartphone, and a WiFi connection. 

Depending on how you manage your time, try combining a few side hustles at a time. Innovative technologies make it easy to find companies willing to pay people to use the internet. Try to look for start-up companies and digital marketers that are in the market research industry. Their attempt to understand consumers may have an open position for test subjects. In this article, we prepared a list of the top 10 legitimate ways to make money surfing the web. 

What can you expect to earn?

Having a stable income is important to be able to have a decent life. Some people try to make a living by doing a few side jobs at once. The success rate and the height of your income depend on a few factors:

  • country of living
  • tax
  • type of job
  • availability on the market
  • the complexity of information etc.

Tracking your online behavior is the main interest of many companies. Learning about your online presence allows them to gather demographic data. This means that you may not fit the expected parameters of age, residence, income, etc. There are other platforms that require a specific skill set. 

Finding the perfect match may take some time. Do the research and carefully read about every company. Learn about what type of information you should keep private at all times. There are individuals that falsely represent themselves as companies and gather personal data for scams. 


Learn how to make money

Having a planned daily routine can do wonders for your side jobs. It may seem a bit difficult at first, especially if you like to focus all of your energy on a new beginning. Start by setting a personal goal like a savings/earnings budget and a deadline to achieve it.

This way you can avoid the traps of new gigs that freelancers set for themselves. One of those traps is availability. It is important to keep in mind that no one can own you. Having a clear understanding of the client is necessary. Don’t try to go out of your way unless you will earn extra money, have the time and the energy for such features.

Time is an asset no one can buy and take. It is yours to offer for a fair price and a certain amount of time. This is why it is super important to be as organized as possible. Especially if you are juggling a few jobs at a time.

1. Surveys as a side hustle

Doing online surveys is a great way to have an extra income. But it is not a job you can make a living from, let alone get rich. This can be a useful hobby for you.

To earn money or vouchers this way, you need to join certain research panels. Most of the membership is free. Be careful with websites that require upfront payment and promise large amounts of daily income.


On that occasion, you will be asked questions you may not like. For example, list questions about the amount of your personal income or household income, as well as whether you have a car, which, about your way of living, etc. Lots of information can be misused.

Sharing this type of sensitive information can be challenging. This is why it is extremely important to register on a secure website like Survimo. It offers anonymous answers with the aim is to enhance customer experience. Payments are simple through PayPal or gift cards.

2. Make a podcast (radio show)

The increase of audio content as a means of marketing has seen an uprising in the past few years. Over one-third of Americans listen to podcasts every month. This trend is also increasing around the world.

By starting your own podcast, you are making your own radio show. The goal is to have interesting topics, build an audience and make money from advertisement/sponsorships.

For a podcast, you can choose many topics, from politics to nature. You can even try and learn foreign languages and make your own show. Consider it a modern substitute for regular talk shows you used to listen to.


To begin your podcasting journey, you need to choose a podcast hosting company. It will store and share your content on large platforms. Among the top-rated hosting companies for podcasts is Buzzsprout. They have a free package and a few packages that cost $12-24 each month. They also enable installing a podcast player on your website (if you have one). This allows you to listen to any episode on your website. It is a great tool for beginners.

3. Start blogging the right way

When it comes to content creation, making a website for distribution is key. Using free platforms is okay if the content is original enough. However, this type of content will dictate the type of form you distribute it through. Some of them may require minimal investment. The road to building a successful passive income is hard as it requires constant research and hard work.

There are many tips that can help you learn how to start blogging. The most successful articles on how to make money online will contain content like internet analytics, advertisement, secret buyers, etc. But all of these are considered additional income and require you to have a full-time job with a regular income.

4. B2B( Business to Business) services

This type of online work does require a website or blog. This can be considered a specific strategy of the previous section. People who are beginners will not have much traffic towards their website, or the visibility to earn from it solely. Start by increasing the price of your services.

Selling your services to companies instead of individuals can bring in more money for a shorter amount of time. Companies have more money, it is as simple as that. Avoid affiliate programs (in the beginning) and focus on counseling companies.

There are three main pillars of this time of blogging:

  • Choose a niche based on the budget potential of the audience, professional influence, and market availability.
  • For those who are not as wordy, consider hiring someone for preparing the content and SEO optimization. Focus on building backlinks and Domain Authority.
  • Use the monetization strategy in the primal phase of development to attempt to increase your earnings. On average this means that you should close 3-4 large margin sales, instead of hundreds of partner arrangements.
    Keeping these tactics in mind will help you increase your income with less traffic.

5. Niche affiliate marketing

Starting a blog is common ground. But in order to avoid the long route which has a failure on every step, try selling through the latest affiliate programs. This will allow you to make money from your website.

Some affiliate programs will pay per potential customer. Assuming your website has significant traffic in a specific niche, many companies will pay potential customers. Finance and household item brands are always on the lookout for new local buyers. Also, consider making and selling your digital products, and cooperating with influencers who will promote your page.

Consider using the Google Keyword Planner for any type of website to be able to choose specific keywords that are top-rated on Google searches. This will also help you develop the ideas you want to provide and sell through the website.

6. Sell your products across all platforms

Selling a service or physical product, it is important to increase visibility as much as possible. Never focus on a single online shop such as eBay or Amazon. Use social networks as platforms for selling, such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest.


It may take some research and additional investments, but the reach of potential customers will rise by the thousands. Also, consider platforms related to your niche. Research and make promotional plans for every day, week, and month.

7. Share your knowledge online

Having special skills is a great asset in today’s world. More and more people are looking for ways to educate themselves and enhance their knowledge. This can be a hobby skill, professional enhancement, additional education, etc.

Platforms for online courses are always on the lookout for new experts, especially if these are skills that are not as common. You can teach people to write, learn other foreign languages, coding, tax management, and many more. Each time a new student enrolls you get a percentage through the platform.

Some courses are live, while others need to be prepared in advance. Set up camera and content. This can stay up on a website, and you can have a new passive income.

In addition to courses, you can offer online training or consulting. The limit here is your imagination, as well as the ability to sell your knowledge in a presentable way.

8. Biznis model dropshipping

Traditional online sales require you to hire workers, house products, restock, etc. But by using dropshipping you can sell your products online. It provides a larger market and lessens investment.

The typical drop-shipping model looks like this:

  1. Open an online web page with pictures of the products, and their prices.
  2. The buyers pay for the product through the internet. You will keep the marge and will forward the order to the manufacturer/supplier.
  3. The manufacturer/supplier will send the product directly to the customer, closing the circle.

This is a rough sketch of the process, but it is achievable and not too complicated to create a passive income.

9. Host webinars

Somewhat similar to online courses. Hosting an online webinar can help you attract more traffic to your website. Consequently, this will increase sales. This is also a great asset to increase your affiliate programs.
The average webinar should last up to 45 minutes. Where you or your guests will talk for up to 30 minutes, leaving 10-15 minutes for any Q&A. This interaction with the audience helps attendants to get answers firsthand, increasing the chances of landing sales.

Invest in the stock market if you saved money aside

10. Invest in the stock market

This type of income requires you to already have a certain amount of money to invest. People who understand economy and business know that the first rule is not to work for money but make the money work for you. By investing in yourself and your knowledge of the economy you are investing in your business.

Unused money loses value, so if you have a secret stash, consider investing it in this type of business. It contains some risks but can pay off triple when the economy is on the rise, as your value of bonds. It is a simple matter of buying and selling at the perfect time.

You need to start making money surfing the web

There are many ways people can make money surfing the web, and we can’t emphasize that enough. The constant enhancement of technology makes it virtually easy to start any business online. Depending on local laws, it is recommended that you register your company and be your own boss. It takes planning and research, and even a graphic designer or someone who went to art school can earn some serious money. It takes practice, time, patience, and persistence.