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We’re quite sure the internet is full of money-saving tips. Therefore, another article won’t hurt, right? However, this one will stand out from the rest. We’ve taken a look at the offer and gathered only the best kind of tips out there. Just so you don’t have to browse all day and night for ways to save money in 2023!

Since you’re reading these words, you’re already trying to better your finances. Of course, this is only the beginning. If you really want to save some money in the upcoming year, you’ll have to be patient. Everything that you need to know – you’ll find in the article that’s below!

Okay, so shall we begin our adventure in the world of neat money-saving strategies?

#1 Create a budget and stick to it

First and foremost, let’s talk about planning out your budget. Most folks consider budgeting to be boring. Well, boring is way better than broke, if you were to ask us. Oh, and, of course, some folks see it as rather complicated. You’ll be happy to know that it’s neither of these things.

The reason why folks garner these assumptions is that they’re addicted to spending. Trust us, you want to talk yourself into the world of budgeting. That way, you’ll save a lot of money. Also, you’ll always know who’s in control. You should control your spending, not the other way around.


Budgeting won’t take much of your time, no matter what anyone else has to say. Also, in the times we’re living in, there’s a good number of apps that make the process easier. The most difficult part is actually sticking to the budget you’ve set. Just be patient and everything will come your way!

#2 Steer clear of credit card payments

If you’ve noticed that credit card payments are messing up with your monthly budget… Yup, that’s right, you’ll want to do something about it. Our suggestion is that you transfer your debt to a 0% balance transfer credit card. We’re about to show you why!

A 0% balance transfer credit card will charge 0% of interest for a limited time. That period usually goes between 12 and 24 months. During the mentioned period, you won’t accumulate any interest on the balance transferred. Make sure you pay off your debt in that time span. Otherwise, interesting will start to feed on it.

Just how long will that promotional period last will depend on your credit score. Also, banks will consider other individual circumstances.

#3 Introduce some modesty to your lifestyle

Okay, we get it. It sounds a bit moralistic to come up with that paragraph title. But, really, if you think about it, we DO lack some modesty in our spending. We suggest you try to live a bit below your means. You need to welcome the habit of not spending your paycheck on random stuff.


You’ll have to figure out what are your so-called essentials. Stuff you can’t do without. We’re pretty sure that you don’t have to treat yourself to designer purses each month. Also, dining out 2 times a week seems a bit luxurious when you’re trying to save some money.

Lastly, give the things you spend money on some good thought. Additionally, you don’t have to root out everything that every little piece of luxury. Those things you REALLY can’t live without should stay.

#4 Deal with your remaining debt

Here’s another thing: try to pay off your remaining debts. By doing so, you’ll not only reduce what you’re paying for each month. Nope. You’ll also be saving yourself years’ worth of interest rates. Not to mention all the irritation that comes along with it.

Also, once you deal with your debt, you’ll be able to boost your available credit. It’s a good thing to have for when emergencies appear. In one of the articles we published, we mentioned the snowball method of paying off debt. Here we’ll explain it, together with its counterpart – the avalanche method.

Introducing: the snowball method of paying off debt (and its counterpart)

So, what does the famous snowball method represent? In the simplest of terms, it means paying off the smallest of all your loans ASAP. Once you’ve paid that debt, you move on to the new smallest one. You do this by taking the money you used to pay off the previous debt and adding some more. The process should continue in a similar manner until you’ve paid off your final debt.


What about its counterpart – the so-called avalanche method? In this case, you need to pay off the loan with the highest rate first. Once that’s taken care of, you use that amount to battle the next one. One that has the next highest interest rate. Anyway, you get the point!

So, which one would we suggest? If you like to see your progress quicker, we suggest the snowball method. Also, the loss of money you’d spend on debt with the highest rate might discourage you.

#5 Find a side hustle

In order to save some money, you might as well earn it in an easy manner. Finding an online side hustle isn’t that much of an issue these days. The offer is quite good. Also, most of these gigs don’t require you to have any prior experience.

For instance, one of these easy hustles is answering paid online surveys. Essentially, you get paid to voice your honest opinion on a number of subjects. Companies rely on user opinion, and they’ll pay good money for it. Without their customers’ insight, they’re shooting in the dark. That’s where you enter the picture.

It’s quite easy to start earning in this manner. All you’ve got to do is sign-up on a paid online surveys platform. Once you leave your email address, you’ll start to get survey invitations. The more your profile is complete, the more survey invitations you’ll get. Therefore, the more money you’ll make.

A person trying out some of the must-know ways to save money with their laptop.

#6 Don’t be afraid to ask for a promotion (or change your job)

Another way to increase your income and save money is to ask for a promotion. As an alternative, you can always look for another job. One that you’ll get paid more for doing. However, it’s always best you try to upgrade your position in the current company. Unless, of course, you’ve got no intention of staying there.

Anyway, you should never be afraid to ask for a promotion. If you’ve been working hard lately, someone must’ve noticed. If, for some reason, they haven’t, you can always find a place where your work is seen as more important.

#7 Earn some good money by watching your favorite team(s)

Has it ever crossed your mind that you can earn an income by watching your favorite sports and teams? Yup, it’s possible! There are many online betting sites that offer fantastic bonuses for their members. Just so you don’t have to bug your brain where to find these, visit Rewards by Digiopinion.

The platform we’ve mentioned will do all the work instead of you. Their team will cherry-pick the best kind of e-betting sites out there. Ones that give the mightiest bonuses, that is. All you’ll have to do is sign-up and receive their newsletter in your inbox.

#8 Take advantage of various online offers

Little does anybody know, but there are fantastic offers and discounts out there. By “out there” we mean “in various online stores”. However, it seems as though folks never get a chance to stumble upon most of them. Either they don’t have time to browse or they’re simply not interested. This should interest you very much, trust us.


Luckily, there’s something you’d call a candle in the dark here. A light that will guide you through the endless labyrinth of online discounts. We’re talking about a little platform known as Offers by Digiopinion. It’s the best shopping buddy you’re able to find online. 

The whole concept isn’t so hard to understand. Nope, not at all. Here’s how it works:

  • You sign-up by leaving your e-mail address. 
  • You receive the best kind of offers and discounts in your inbox.
  • You save yourself some money by taking advantage of these offers. 

Simple as that!

#9 Declutter and sell unwanted items in your home’s inventory

A cluttered home is a messy home. Also, if your home’s filled with unwanted stuff… Yup, you’re also missing out on the opportunity to make some money. Make some money by selling all of those items, that is. That is why we suggest that you scan your home for such parts of the inventory.

There are many online places such as eBay that allow you to sell your stuff. In case you don’t like going online, you can always organize a good old garage sale. Such an event is a chance to meet your community even better. And make some money, of course.

Final words on the subject

Okay, folks, so that’s about all that we’ve got for today. Now you’re aware of the must-know ways to save money in the upcoming year. As always, we hope you’ll squeeze out the best of these tips. Until next time, browse our blog page.