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So, how to choose a blogging niche? A blog that pleads to a wide readership and yet generates income is what you want to build. A smart option for starting a top-notch blog about a trending topic could be a very lucrative effort. Why is that? Well, because more people than ever are spending time online. 

Yet, unless you’re starting in an industry that is quite novel or innovative, there is clearly a lot of competition. As a consequence, it’s crucial that you carefully evaluate the blogging niches that will help you discern yourself from the competitors. 

We will explore some good blog niches you may write about. Still, we’ll first see why it’s so critical to focus more intently. You will focus on a specific specialty when writing stuff for your blog.

Choosing a blogging niche in 2023

You can create content that is far more suitable to their needs. You can do this by utilizing blogging niches to target a more precise audience. Because of this, readers are more prone to subscribe to your site. So now you can construct your authority and trust. 

What is more, you’ll enhance your odds of ranking highly. Moreover, you will be attracting more visitors by making it much easier for search engines. 


The technical, more personal, or creative? There is a wide spectrum of blogs you can choose to focus on to make a buck on the side. A couple of the typical strategies for coming up with ideas. Picking the right niche as you learn how to do it is crucial for creating a reliable blog. 

There is more to this

Let’s look at some queries you may be asking as you weigh your choices. What strikes you as particularly compelling? Which expertise do you possess the most? Does anyone find this interesting? 

You are probably starting by taking into consideration the first 2 things. Picking a blogging topic should be enjoyable to you. It can also supply you with a wealth of scope for articles. A more outside analysis will be essential for the third, though.

  • Niches with low competition in 2023 for the prospective audience? First, you must embark on keyword research to show the relevancy of the subjects inside that niche. 
  • This will let you evaluate whether there is enough interest in the topic. A paywall, sponsored stuff, or promotion are some ways you can see if you can monetize your blog.

To help you in boosting your income, consider a few things. Are you curious? Let’s hop into the details below!

#1 Technology

The way we live is being altered completely by innovation. It’s a general topic, so, that could be helpful to a commercial and a consumer audience. What is one of the best things about tech and gadgets expertise?


Well, it is being able to come up with a bunch of concepts fast. That is the unwritten rule, per see!

There are many amazing ways to boost your income online with programming skills and knowledge. If you choose to enter this market, consider these key benefits.

Sub niches are:

  • Apple products
  • Reviews of mobile phones
  • Coding for computers
  • PC software
  • Troubleshooting (Linux, Ubuntu)
  • Ratings of Software
  • Personal electronics robotics

Tip: Did you know that you can make money while learning to code? Yes, it is possible, no matter how odd it sounds.

#2 Finance

The “financial niche” is surely among the most widespread and long-lasting here. You can write about investing if you are an expert. All of the existing popular spectacles are bloggable. That includes cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and blockchain. 

You can discuss matters like saving money or making investments for the hereafter. Notably, you can do that even if you don’t have many skills. Because of these factors, the finance niche is one of the most dominant industries. That is because it is both an easy and top profitable blog niche.


Everyone is anxious about money management. No matter if they are a teenager or business owner. Yet, it is possible to focus more and set your attention to a category of data. 

Sub niches are:

  • Crypto exchange
  • Saving money
  • Getting ready for retirement
  • Preserving a budget
  • Financial tips
  • Forex trading

Tip: Keep in mind that blogging is not the only way to make money writing online. You can earn an income in many different ways!

#3 Lifestyle

Everything relies on the types of stakes you have. Also, the size of the community, and the range of topics you are skilled in writing about.

Anything is acceptable, even blogging about textbooks and photography. If you want to get to urban-style nerds, lifestyle blogs are great. Multiple revenue streams are available in this market. For instance, paid sponsorships, brand collaborations, etc.

Sub niches are:

  • Photography
  • Handcrafted projects for writing
  • Knitting or gardening

#4 Pets

Furry friends are overly cherished by people. As a consequence, blogs with a focus on animals may be useful means for pet owners. Amazingly, there is more and more love and compassion for animals. These days, a huge number of people adopt pets and give them the care and attention they deserve.

As a consequence of everything said above, there is an extensive market for pet food, toys, and collections. This can induce hundreds of thousands of bucks for you. As a result, if you love animals, this domain is for you.

Sub niches are:

  • Tips on canine tutoring and animal welfare
  • Cute animal gifs and adoption-don’t-shop stories
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Attire & accessories for pets
  • Furniture (beds, scratching posts)
  • Carriers for exercise tools

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#5 Entertainment

Do you like movies, TV shows, series, or nightlife? In that case, you have many things to blog about. You can deliver your material in many effective ways. For instance that can be through evergreen articles, videos, news-style content with photos, etc.

So start a blog on entertainment instantly to set yourself as the authority in your field. Long before, these were sections of bigger news agencies. Still, as social media has evolved in popularity, entertainment-focused sites have been rapidly growing.

These days, this popular subject has produced a long list of potential blog theme ideas for you. That’s a true fact.


How to start freelance writing

#6 Making money online

The top profitable niche is definitely making money online. It is also the market with the most heightened competition. It is one of the “most effortless niches to make a bunch of money” if you have the right skills.

This overfilled field has been used to deliver tons of specialized sites. It’s timeless, which is the main reason why most people enter this niche.

There is a sizable blog niche dedicated to helping people get into the blogging profession. It has evolved to be so widespread in this day and age. In the United States, there will be around 31 million bloggers by 2023.

Multiple blogs exist that help people in making money online. Yet, it’s also truly overloaded. It is hard to establish an authority site in this sector. Still, even a light market share may turn you into an instant billionaire online.

Starting your own business or trying freelance writing, or being a virtual assistant are all good examples. As you’ve been blogging for some time, this is one alluring niche you can research. Speaking of monetizing your content, you can begin by advertising affiliate goods. For instance, courses or SEO tools that can help people grow their blogs. Regard even starting your blogging course or having paid webinars.

Tip: How to make money as a gamer? To do this, you only need a reliable PC, time, and a good platform!

#7 NFT

Are you acquainted with blockchain, crypto, and other similar terms? If so, you may also be acquainted with NFT as well. You can trade your digital art without giving up ownership using NFT (the non-fungible token). It’s the same as selling artwork at shows.

As you may still know, blockchain allows us to store data in a decentralized way. That is assuring that no one can rob your data from the server. It is held in data blocks and kept in the blockchain. A blockchain is a network of multiple anonymous servers and computers. Therefore, cyberpunks can’t take this data.

How to sell your inventions without stressing about theft? Well, non-fungible tokens are one of the best options. Today, NFT is a hot topic. For bloggers, it is like finding gold.

As a result, you can begin your next blog in NFT. Moreover, you can monetize your blog through numerous thriving NFT affiliate schemes. Since this idea is new to the world, rather few people are writing about it. As an effect, NFT has small competition.

Final verdict

Prevalent topics shift throughout time. Selecting a method today could make it ancient tomorrow. The drama and joy of blogging contain things similar to that. You will handle it, pick up the beat, and keep going.

Now you know how to choose a blogging niche. If you want to succeed, think about your passion, abilities, and market demand. Do this before you even start!