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Many people begin learning to code in the hope of obtaining well-paid coding jobs in their careers. Yet, what if you could make money coding while you’re still learning? Is it achievable to make money while learning to code? Let’s see more on this down below!

So, how to make money while learning to code? You can do that by becoming a coding tutor. Or you can develop mobile apps and games too. Also if you have a passion for writing, you can start a blog in the coding niche! 

How to make money programming

Are you a coding geek and not making any cash online? In that case, you are missing out big time. Anyone that’s acquainted with C++, HTML, Python, NET, Java, and PHP, can make money to code online.

This implies you can ultimately connect your passion for programming with your passion for cold hard cash.

Rather gnarly, correct? Tech is just becoming more and more incorporated into everyday life. Truly, even our grandmas know what TikTok is. This signifies the value of programming skills is only growing, too.


And the best part about all this is that the sweet thing we call the World Wide Web has opened up new possibilities for programmers to find work. You don’t have to go into the office anymore to discover coding work.

There are many incredible ways to boost your income on the internet with programming skills. If you learn different coding languages and programs, what then? You can, by all means, present your skills online and start rendering money fast.

The key point is that you need to learn the latest code to plead to your clients. Like that, you can charge more for your services. This goes without saying!

You can for instance try CodeAcademy to stay up-to-date with code and different languages.

How to make money while learning to code?

Let’s dive into these 13 ways to make money while learning to code! You will be surprised how easy it is to get started!


#1 Become a programming tutor

It is a fact that many newbies around the world need your assistance in the programming language you understand. You can make from 15$ to 50$ per hour by helping the learner programmers to comprehend a new programming language. Down are some sites where you can begin tutoring programming learners.

  • Codementor.io
  • Preply.com
  • Teacheron.com
  • Tutor.com

Make sure to check these websites to find the one that suits you best. All of them are truly amazing!

#2 Make and sell web plugins

Do you have some web development skills, primarily in JavaScript? If so, you can earn a respectable amount of money by making plugins and selling them in various marketplaces.

Make sure that you always sell on various marketplaces rather than just one. This will expand your income.

You can create your own cost for the plugins. Other developers and individuals need some plugins to solve their daily life difficulties or make their job easy. Down are top marketplaces where you can sell these plugins.

  • CodeCanyon
  • TemplateMonster Marketplace
  • WordPress Marketplace
  • Mojo Marketplace
  • Creative Marketplace
  • Codester

#3 Selling online courses

You can instruct your favored programming language to other learners who want to learn a programming language. There are many learners around the globe. All of them are looking for some online courses to learn a thing or two about a new subject. This truly goes without saying!

What’s more, you can earn up to $1000 a month or more just by selling courses. Down below, check out the best websites where you can start an online course instruction career:

  • Udemy.com
  • Skillshare.com
  • Simplivlearning
  • Bitdegree

#4 Coding competitions

There are many websites that do free coding competitions, per se. They are a real deal, by all means! These websites let you make a good amount of cash through them.

Are you an expert in any programming language? If so, you should begin partaking in code competitions and try your skills on it. Beneath are the leading websites for coding competitions. Let’s check them out now:

  • TopCoder
  • HackerRank
  • CodeChef
  • Codewars
  • LeetCode
  • Coderbyte

Tip: Did you know that blogging is not the only way to make money writing online? There are other ways too!

#5 Freelancing

Freelancing is the top-earning origin for every programmer at the moment. You can invent a program, app, or game for somebody and they will pay hourly.

The majority of top programmers are paid 30$ hourly. You can begin your freelancing career without further ado:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Freelancer
  • Toptal

#6 Develop mobile apps

You can invent mobile applications and upload them on a separate marketplace. For instance, that can be Play store, Apple store and etc. By incorporating ads on your mobile app you can make a good amount of money.

The topmost widespread ad company which you can utilize is Admob from Google. Invent a practical mobile application for android or iPhone and upload it on any marketplace. After you get some traction from users, you will get cash when every user catches ads on your App.

#7 Start a blog

Blogging is one more terrific way of making extra money online by sharing your skills. Do you have a wide knowledge of coding? In that case, writing a couple of articles per week can be a good way to start. Making money happens when you place ads on your blog. Or, you can even try out affiliate marketing too!


You can make $1000 or up to $10,000, which relies on the visitors that your blog has. Also note that if you fail to implement the right strategies, you may earn a lot less.

#8 Develop a game

Gaming is a billion-dollar enterprise in this day and age, Because of the new smartphone tech and mobile games. You can create a 2d or 3d game utilizing a game engine and put ads on it with Admob or Unity Ads.

  • Unity Store
  • Play Store
  • Apple Store
  • Steam
  • Itch.io

This is no rocket science. You can create a solid game with just a few basic tricks that are easy to learn.

Online typing jobs are a great source of income

#9 Make money with Quora

Quora is the top q/a website where you can ask questions and top professionals answer them. Do you know you can earn money by asking simple questions and responding to other people’s questions? Fantastic!

You can initiate your publication on Quora. Quora offers you the opportunity to start your publication. Moreover, another developer will join your space and answer the other queries or publish articles on your space. Suppose what? You can now make money with the space partner program which is newly launched.

Tip: How to make money online as a gamer? Did you know how easy it actually is to earn money this way? You only need a solid PC, time, and a few platforms!

#10 Write articles

As a programmer, you can write some tech articles or programming articles and earn a lot of money with it. You just need a clever mind and then start typing and transferring your knowledge to the world.

Below you will see mention my favorite websites for article writing that will pay you. Let’s dive into them!

  • Medium
  • vocal. media
  • Longreads
  • Copyhackers
  • Listverse
  • Wow Women on Writing
  • Developer Tutorials

Tip: There are many ways to make money on vacation! Make sure you find the one that is just for you!

#11 Design websites theme

Are you a web developer? In that case, you are acquainted with front-end development. Do you know you can design the theme and sell them for a reasonable amount of money? This is a great way to earn extra money.

There are many individuals around the globe who require your themes for their sites. Below are some leading websites for selling website themes.

  • Theme Forest
  • Templamatic
  • Creative Fabrica
  • BuyStockDesign
  • Creative Market
  • Mojo Marketplace
  • Design Cuts
  • ThemePlanet

#12 Sell your E-book

By the title, you comprehend you can write your own e-book on any coding topic and sell them online. Many coding authors are making full-time earnings by writing e-books.

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Lulu
  • Nook Press
  • Kobo Writing Life
  • Scribd
  • Gumroad

Tip: Do you know the sponsor’s businesses look for podcasters who have a following? That way, you can make passive income by podcasting your coding skills.

#13 Open source coding

You can begin developing an open-source program. Or maybe develop software and make it public free for all. Moreover, you can ask for help from your software users. Also, in a swap for their support, you can keep revising the software for them.

Many coders use funding and donation websites. They use these to collect expenses from users and keep updating the code.

One of the models is phaser.js. This is game development in a javascript framework. Moreover, individuals who use that framework support the developer on Patreon. Below you will see some websites where you can gather donations and support.

  • Patreon
  • Buy Me a Coffee
  • Ko-fi
  • Liberapay

Final Words

Do you have programming skills? If that is a yes, then don’t fritter your time by just sitting and waiting for your position letter. Why not begin making money right now with the methods in this article? We wish you happy earnings! Enjoy!